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The cool spot of Aso Minamikumo is here! Tateiwa water source!

Hello. It is SMO Okonomi. 2017 Years 10 Moon moved from Kumamoto city to Minami Ogikuni town. It was extremely cold in winter, but now it is not too hot and easy to spend. The temperature in Minami Ogikuni-cho is about -5 ℃ of the temperature of Kumamoto-shi. In the summer I heard that you do not need a cooler, but recently I think that I do not really need it.

So, this time we will introduce cooler rocky water source in Minamioguni-machi, which seems cool even in summer.

Most of the water in Minami Ooguni Town is here!
The water of the Tateiwa water source is very delicious when you cook rice with considerable soft water, and the cooked rice is the dish that is poorly cooked I am the only dish!

In addition, we make rice and vegetable-grown granola from the rocky water source that grew up with delicious water of the Tateiwa water source.

You can eat this granola safely from children to the elderly.
It is slightly sweet, but because it is healthy, I will eat it without feeling guilty while on a diet.
The way to eat common milk is also delicious, but it is also recommended to eat it over yoghurt! It looks colorful and seems to be instantiated. . .

For such a rocky water source, footpaths are being held where local fathers guide their guides.
The 2018 year is scheduled to be held on the third Saturday of 7 moon to 9 month.
The distance is about 2km! It is not too long, not too short, it will take about 1 hours to slowly walk the water source, the promenade along the clear stream, the country scenery.

Sorry for lunch.
Tomoe flowing through cold and soft water of the Tateiwa Water Source is superb!
If you are lucky you can also see the guide dog, here.
For those who say "Walking a little ...", reservations are necessary only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays by the day before
You can experience only Somen sink!

Please do come when you are tired of summer heat!


Basic Information
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture Minomitsuji 1528
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)