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Listen to Director Kiyasa Kaasa, a product museum in Minamikogiku! I can only buy it here! Popular local souvenirs Best 5!

Even if it turns into Arasa, it's a big star in eating!

It is "souvenir" that always buys when traveling!
Even if it is a trip mood, this too! And I got a lot of catch up with it
When I came back, "Oh my gosh, why did you buy it?" .

I always choose souvenirs while thinking "what can only be purchased there"
I do not quite know what to choose in the tourist spots to visit for the first time ...

I do not want everyone who comes to Minami Ooguni Town to have such a thought! By saying!
I asked Koike of Mr. Kiyora Kaasa, the general manager of the Town 's Symbol General Building, the best 5 souvenirs I can only buy in this town!

Directly hit Koike Mr. Kiyora Kaasa General Manager of Minamioguni-machi Town Building.

Kiyora Kaasa is founded 27 year! And just recently renewed in 4 moon this year!
We have many more special products in Minamioguni-machi than ever!

The appearance is a characteristic pyramid type! It's easy to see from anywhere!

There are always many souvenirs. There are various from things of Minamikosito to those of Kumamoto ♪

This is Mr. Koike, the director!

Masashi Koike (Masashi Koike)
Showa 55 year 9 was born in January, hobbies are collection of trivia (waste knowledge), reading, eating delicious things. Because it is detailed also about the product, please listen to anything if you do not understand!

Recommended souvenirs Best 5!

Well then, the first introduction.
★ Rice flour pancake mix

A gem that is made because it is a Minami Oguni Town in rice fields.
No flour, 100% It is a gluten-free pancake mix made from rice flour from South Korea!

The second!
★ Rice koji · salt koji
This is rice koji ↓

Here is salt koji ↓

I will not miss the recent Koji boom! The koji element that the grandmothers of the South Korean countries chosen as master of the Kumamoto home owner make by traditional manufacturing method. It will clean your body from the inside ♪

The third!
★ Karintō

Processing group "Yutan moon" which the local mothers are operating.
This Karintō, actually a long seller of 30 year! There are 5 types, so you can choose your favorite taste.

★ Dried mackerel

Maiko with a high calling with a heretic baby with fungus activity.
In Kyushu we produced only two places, and finished in dried mushrooms so that preservation of valuable Minami small country mushrooms will be beneficial.

Five eyes!
★ Doburoku

Pesticide history 20 Muddy liquor made with valuable rush rice of several years, you can taste rustic rice flavor.
Once you drink it, its taste can not be forgotten, it is a liquor that goes on repeat!
(The white bottle is sweet and the green bottle is dry!)

Was it the best 5 (* ^^ *)!
All are attractive souvenirs, you will want to buy them all ...
(Even if you bought all the 12 points by the way, it is 8,000 yen a little! Mr. Yukichi also can change even 1 pieces!)

There are still a lot of recommended souvenirs in Minamioguni-machi that I could not introduce here!
Personally, I often eat it by buying handmade dumplings and buns headed by local people! Always the mouth is full of kina powder. .

My favorite wormwood dumplings!

There are so many! !

Also, there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with a wide selection of items besides souvenirs such as freshly made vegetables from South Minamikuni, delicious soft creams, cafeterias such as popular beef bowl and hamburger steak (^ ^) /

Please drop in when you come to Aso direction by all means ♪

Minamioguni-cho Total Bamboo Museum Kiyora Kaasa
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1789-1
Opening hours: 9 hours 00 minutes ~ 18 hours 00 minutes
Telephone number: 0967-42-1213