Must eat curry bread on Sunday only! 10 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Introduction of bakery of the attention of Saturdays and Sundays in Minamioguni-cho

Hello SMO It is Morinaga of South Aomori. Everyone, do you like bread? Basically I do not eat bread. But, I want to eat bread several times a year and I will not want it. It is often Saturday and Sunday bread shop in Minamioguni-machi, Konba bakery san going there often.

It is a nice shop introduced by TV Asahi's popular program "Paradise of Life".
I think that I would like to introduce such a bakeries this time.

Saturday and Sunday limited bakery. Konba bakeries

Building of log house style standing on the way to Kurokawa Onsen, passing the national highway 442 line. A baker in this place? What? Although it may be thought that, on Saturdays and Sundays which are open, cars will rush from around 11 time.

There is a small sign on the parking lot. cute.

The stairway railings are also cute.

As soon as I climbed the stairs the wood deck terrace. There are about 4 seats outdoors, so you can eat the bread you bought here.

Sugiyama is a wonderful seat in front of me. It is a quiet atmosphere.

There was also a pizza kiln.

The menu looks something like this. Organic coffee and organic tea, small country vegetable soup is 300 yen.

Inside the shop. I thought that girls who are compact in a good way and like cute are going to be Kyungkyun.

Cash register, iPad. It was an airresizer. cool!

Cute souvenirs etc were also sold around the cash register.

Along with the lovely smell of bread baking, bread that looks delicious is baked up one by one.

And curry bread that many people come from far away for this purpose! It gets burnt up on Sunday only at around 11 half hour.

Freshly baked hot-cut curry bread. The outside is crispy. I think it will not be transmitted as it is a photograph, but the fragrant scent of curry is drifting and appetizing.

Trying it off like this. Used in the keema curry are meat of Kumamoto and vegetables of small country town, shiitake mushroom etc.

The texture of the fried bread on the outside and the keema curry inside were exquisite.

It was delicious.

Address: Minamioguni-machi, Kumamoto Prefecture Minakoji Temple Ushitsu 7883-55
Opening Hours: Only Saturdays and Sundays Open (8 Hours to End Sold Out)
Phone: 090-9476-6540