【free entrance! 】 7 Moon held 22 days! Kyushu Wrestling Minami Oguni Town Competition "Bamboo shoots in Minamikouso! Introduction of.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. Suddenly, please see here first.

Actually, in Minamioguni-machi, we are making videos under the cooperation of Kyushu Wrestling after the Kumamoto earthquake.

As a result of that relationship, we held the Kyushu Wrestling Minami Oguni Town Competition at the 2017 month of last year (7 year) and gave many children dreams and hope. Such Kyushu pro-wrestling Minami Oguni Town competition, implementation has been decided this year too! free entrance!

【Tournament name】 "I will rejuvenate in Minamikousoku! "
[Schedule] 2018 years 7 month 22 (day)
14: 30 opening / 15: 00 game start
【Venue】 Ichihara Elementary School Gymnasium (Akasagi Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 1922)
☆ Admission is free! !
Participating fighters
· Heartful ☆ Kid
Mount Aso
· Sasaki Hita Maru
· Sakurajima Still
· Bang traveling ×
· Hiroshi Nozaki
· Yuuki Sato (KAIENTAI DOJO)

Kyushu wrestling idea
I have got an irreplaceable time for this area to date ----.
Through wrestling, we want to return energy to 1,300 million people living in Kyushu and return the benefits to the region. And I think that it will lead to energizing Japan and the world.
Pro-wrestling is a mass entertainment that is proud to play a part in post-war Japan reconstruction. The existence of mass entertainment shrinks between people and people, I think that there is an important role also in town planning.
In modern society in which IT, nuclear families and diversification of hobbies are advancing, what is most demanded now is not the existence of "mass entertainment" that can share and enjoy time over generations, gender, circumstances Is not it.
Kyushu Wrestling is thinking that Kyushu wrestle wants to promote the "synergistic effect of professional wrestling with the energy of the area" such that the region becomes energetic by being involved with wrestling, and the pro-wrestling world is also inspired by playing a role in the region.
It is our ultimate desire to be revitalized [all people, businesses, towns who live in Kyushu and love Kyushu] is rewarding and rewarding.
NPO corporation Kyushu pro wrestling chairperson Ryota Chikuzen

※ cited from the Kyushu Wrestling homepage