[Access information] Go with public transportation! Access to Minamioguni-machi & summarized local taxi company (2018 year 7 month point)

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. I usually do it at the Minami-Ogoguni-cho Tourist Association.

How can I get to Minamioguni Town by public transportation? What? Because I often get a story saying, I will summarize easily. I will be pleased to introduce the timetable etc, so it is greatly appreciated by all means when you come. (It becomes information of * 2018 year 7 month 1 date and time point)

1. From Fukuoka direction

If you come to Minamioguni-machi by public transport from Fukuoka area, the Kurokawa Onsen direct bus will be convenient. You can also get on from Hita Bus Center near JR Hita Station! Four buses are running on 1 day.

Round trip discount ticket
■ Hita Bus Center ~ Kurokawa Onsen 3,340 Yen
■ Fukuoka ~ Standing 4,730 Yen
■ Fukuoka ~ Kurokawa Onsen 5,550 Yen

Kurokawa hot spring ticket
Set tickets for Fukuoka ~ Kurokawa Onsen Line Round Trip (Lowest Fare) and Kurokawa Onsen Temporary Bills Exchange Ticket on Sale!
Adult: 6,240 Yen (Bus trip ticket 5,040 yen (normal: 5,550 yen) + hot water bill exchange ticket 1,200 yen)
※ There is no child discount / disabled discount
* It is valid for 10 days including the reservation ride day
※ There is no sale in Kumamoto
■ Refund
We will refund all tickets at the release window only if they are unused and within the validity period.
However, we will refund the remainder less the fee 100 yen.
■ 注意 事項
We will give you a voucher at the release counter.
Please exchange voucher with luggage bills at the Ryokan association of Kurokawa Onsen.

Fukuoka ⇔ Kurokawa Express Fukuoka - Kurokawa Onsen

2. From Kumamoto area

There are two buses on the 1 day that go from Kumamoto city to Yufuin / Beppu area. It will be 2300 yen from Kumamoto Ekimae in front of the Minami Odoguni Town office and 2500 yen for Kurokawa Onsen.
Kyushu Crossing Bus

Although transfer is necessary, 8 buses going to Oita are on 1 days. You can get off at Aso station and come by bus from Aso station (※ Please confirm the time from "3. Aso Station")
Kumamoto ⇔ Oita Express Bus Yamabiko

Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (* 1 Month, 2 Month are closed), there is also a direct bus "Oguni Township Liner" connecting Otsu Station and Minamioguni Town. Kumamoto station → Otsu station is running quite a few trains and airport → Otsu station also has a free shuttle bus,Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, HolidayPlease also use this page for yourself.
Ogunigato liner

3. From the Oita direction

There is one direct bus from Beppu and two from Yufuin. Kurokawa Onsen from Yufuin is in fact a bus about 1 about half an hour! Also, since the JR Furezu line at Aso station is connected from Oita city center, you can come to Aso station and you can come to Minamioguni Town by bus by bus.

Kumamoto ⇔ Oita Express Bus Yamabiko

4. From Aso Station

Also there are few bus lines from Aso Station. If you get on the bus for Shikara, go through Minami Ooguni Town.

Bus route timetable (Aso station)

5. What do you do after you arrive in Minamioguni-machi?

Odori Township Tours around Yu Station, Minami Ogikita Town Office, Kurokawa Onsen, Oda Hot Springs etc ... Buses are 6 to 7 on 1 days (weekdays: 4 clockwise, 4 clockwise, 3 counterclockwise, weekends and holidays: clockwise / There are three in the counterclockwise direction).

Oguni Town Tournament Bus

● Introduction of taxi company
Ichihara taxi: 0967-42-0525
<Oguni Town>
Small country taxi: 0967-46-2350
Maruzen taxi: 0967-46-3223
Maruha taxi: 0967-46-2710

What did you think? Although it is said that visiting in public transportation is "inconvenient" in Minami-sikoku town, in fact there are pretty routes. Please do come and join us in Minamioguni-machi.