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The best breakfast to enjoy the freshest ingredients and superb views of Aso and Minamikobe. Reservation reception of Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic 2019 has started!

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori.
On Kurokawa Onsen in Minamioguni-machi, special daily breakfast is served on the date limit. Besides, in the meadow! I would like to introduce this special feeling, I would like many people to know, I want you to experience this special feeling.

First, please take a look at this.

What is Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic ...

A small town with a Kurokawa Onsen is a small town of population 4000 people.

Because of Kurokawa Onsen, the image of the tourism industry may be strong, but agriculture and forestry is also a popular area.

However, there are also mountainous areas, which are not suitable for large-scale agriculture like other areas, and there are a lot of small farmers.

Because it is a small scale, vegetables and rice which can be made without concern can not be conspicuous, and may not be distributing too much in other areas. I would like you to know the taste of such vegetables with Kurokawa Onsen and collaboration of agriculture! It started from that.

Farmers of farmers who knew vegetables are making cooking.

I would like to eat breakfast like a picnic in the meadow. It is an effort of 3 times this year which is continued from such thought.

Last year it was limited to guests, but this year it is possible for non-guests to participate (3000 Yen)!

Points of picnic in the morning ① cuisine of commitment

A special menu is prepared that uses only carefully raised fresh vegetables and select local ingredients. This time, I will introduce some of them.

● Morning vegetable gift salad
In a cute bottle, the seasonal morning vegetables are jammed. Homemade dressing, you can taste with dip.

Actually, vegetables harvested from the morning,

Farmers' aunts who raised vegetables are in salad. Last year it happened at 4 morning.

● Natural yeast baguette and Shiitake mushroom grill sandwich
A stylish cafe in Minamioguni-cho, Cafe Furuyama is a baguette made from natural yeast. Yeast is made homemade.

With such a feeling, I will make it by stone kiln.

You can grasp lightly on the net and eat it as you can see the difference.

Cafe Furuayashi is also a nice shop so please stop by when you come to Minamikumi. (※ Currently, it gets pre-ordered limited)

It is sausage made by the shop owner who qualifies for 10 yearly in Germany and is qualified in Meister.

It is made with such feeling.

It is like this. There is no reason not to be delicious to eat this on the prairie!

● Small country jersey milk yogurt

"Yamabuki Jersey Milk" made at Takamura Takeshi Ranch, introduced in "The world unknown to Matsuko". 15 years or more "pursuing what is real jersey milk?" Sticking to the food, making the soil of the field, growing pasture and keeping the health of the cow.

We used "Yamabuki Jersey Milk" which was completed at the end of such trial and error as the original richness and creamy of Jersey milk luxuriously, and fermented it in a condition closer to nature without using any additives such as stabilizer at all With yoghurt handmade jam. First of all, without having to pay anything, I hope you enjoy the taste of only yoghurt, then add a little jam and taste it.

Besides, we can taste breakfast of 10 items such as 6 seed vegetables minestrone etc, packed with taste of vegetables that season with salt only.

Morning picnic 2019 menu
· Starting herbal tea
· Morning vegetable gift salad
· 10 species vegetables Minestrone
· Natural yeast bucket and Shiitake mushroom grill sand
· Yamabuki's Small Country Jersey Yogurt ~ Handmade Jam with ~
· Kurokawa Onsen egg
Drink bar: coffee, small country jersey milk, plum juice enzyme etc.

Points of morning picnic ② Fashionable look

The venue in the morning picnic is a park called Hirano which is about 10 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Since the scenery of the meadow spreads and the mind is planted in some places, there is also a shade of shade.

Stylish if at all. So, dishes and rugs are all stylish.

It is a picture of last year, but the appearance of dishes arranged like this is like this. Egg stand in front is homemade too.

Fresh vegetables and handmade dressings, jams etc are colorful, just photopicogenetic! There is no doubt that you will want to take pictures just by mistake.

You can join by hand as you can have picnic tools such as log cutting boards.

in conclusion

The stick of breakfast which you can taste in Aso 's meadow is sure to be unforgettable memories. Last time it was an event only for guests, but you can participate even on a day trip from this time! Since it is 9 hour 20 minutes, I would like to go out a little earlier than usual outing, participate in breakfast morning picnic and enjoy the sightseeing in Aso slowly.
Scenery from the Hirano stadium located in the immediate vicinity of the morning picnic venue. It is a magnificent view!

see you!

~ Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic holding summary ~
event date:

2019年6月29日、7月27日、8月31日、9月28日、10月19日 (全て土曜日 計5回)
9 hour 20 minutes ryokan association contact open space collection / departure
11 Hours 30 minutes Depart Hiranodai → Kurokawa Onsen open space plaza dissolution
Kurokawa Onsen Hirano-dori Water Park ※ When rainy we will have Yoshiwara Monkey Village
Price and Payment:
● Guests
Room charge + additional charge
* Additional charge varies depending on the inn
※ Please pay along with check-out age, room rate
● Customers for day trips
One person 3000 yen (tax included)
※ Children fee is not provided. If meals are required, the same fee is charged as for adults, and free of charge if no meals are required.
How to apply:
● Guests
Please call directly to the inn (please see below for details)

● Customers for day trips
Please apply from the following reservation form

| Inquiries |
Kurokawa Onsen Tourist Ryokan Cooperative Association
TEL: 0967-42-0076
E-mail: info@kurokawaonsen.or.jp