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【Standard for girls' trips】 Discovered within a distance of 30 minutes by walk or by car from Aso · Kurokawa Onsen! "SNS shine spot" vest 8 in Minamikoguni! (Area)

I'm a mobile handicapseur who is clasping a smartphone in one hand with a sleepover.

Recently the image quality of smartphone cameras is very good, so it's nice to be able to take beautiful photos easily anywhere without using a full-blown single lens reflex!

When you look back at the picture, you will revive memories of that time vividly, so when you go on a trip etc, you take hundreds of photos in one day. Thanks to that, the mobile folder is always Panpan. . Lol

Recently a bit riding a trend, the so-called travel destination "SNS shine spot" Looking for, it is also a pleasure to go there and take pictures! !

And also in my town Minami Minoriko "SNS shine spot" There is (≧ ▽ ≦)! !
From this time this time Best selected carefully 8 We will introduce you! ! !

■ Hirano Takahara Observatory

Speaking of the SNS spot that is representative of the South Korea, you can not absolutely exclude here! !
The Hirano-area can be reached by foot or by foot from the center of Kurokawa Onsen (* ^^ *) There is also no worry of getting lost because there is a signboard firmly in the corner on the way.

The way to the observation station is a little uphill, but it is Aso Suigatake which looks beautiful at the destination which worked hard and ahead. If the weather is nice, you can perfectly observe.

By the way, in order to take pictures of the composition like the picture above

Take this ↑ up to the observation deck and shoot in the form of looking down from above OK!
No doubt anyone can take professional-grade pictures! !

↓ ↓ By the way this is such a wonderful picture at Hirano-bai! ↓ ↓

Various pictures can be taken by time, season and angle (* ^^ *) Please try by all means by all means!

Hirano-ku Observatory
Address: Mihoji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

Kurokawa Onsen Street

Kurokawa Onsen Street is a wonderful area to shine SNS even if you cut out any part!

It is too lovely to be deprived of the mind at the moment I saw
(2018 year "Kurokawa Onsen Yu Akari" is scheduled to run from the end of the 12 month to the 3 moon!)

Speaking of Kurokawa Onsen "Bathroom bills"!
It's cute though it hangs a lot. Up to one such everyday ...

. # Kumamoto # bathing bills

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Kurokawa Onsen town that shows various faces by the shooter.
Please find your only SNS spot (^ ^) /!

Kurokawa Onsen Street
Address: Kanamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-cho Minomitsa Temple 6594-3
Inquiries: 0967-44-0076 (Kurokawa Onsen Tourist Ryokan Cooperative Association)

■ Kogi Mountain Inari shrine

Arasa Lonely Girl Shrine that I want to visit most now.

Among Inari shrines throughout the country,It is only here that there is a benefit in looking for a lover / fulfillment of love! ! !
Once upon a time, there were legend that there was a strange finding that if you visit this shrine when there are no missing cows or horses, there are remnants that have been rumored and now many young ladies I came to visit.

Ogakiyama Inari Shrine not only has such a pleasant interest but also a panoramic view of the scenery seen from here! ! !

It is a premonition that seems to be the best holiday because I can watch a spectacular view of love affair.

■ Kogi Mountain Inari shrine
Address: Mihoji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

Couples couple

The waterfall at the point where the Haragawa and Odagawa rivers meet.
The legend related to the samurai and the village girl is left, and the waterfall on the left is "waterfall" on the right side "waterfall", "waterfall" is familiar as marriage · encounter waterfall.

Couple Falls Kumamoto Prefecture

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And if it is placed near the couple 's entrance to the couple, you will be tempted by the urge to watch your face closely ↓ There is also this!

Why do not you come and join the person you care about ♡

Couples couple
Address: Mihoji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

■ Minshūji Onsen Kawaguchu

"Kawayu" located near the entrance of the Minomitsa area, which has been picked up numerous also in the media as "the most embarrassing outdoor bath in Japan"

What is embarrassing ... There is no blindfold in the outdoor bath, and it is mixed. .
And when you are soaked in hot springs you will see "Road", local people wash vegetables, do washing ...

Is there any other hot spring that is not caught in such common sense! ! !

I have not had the courage yet, but I have not entered it ...
I would like to challenge you when we succeeded in weight loss! !

■ Minshūji Onsen Kawaguchu
Address: Mihoji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

Tateiwa Water Source Park

As we live, "water" is indispensable, most of human body is made of "water" right?
I grew up in Kumamoto rich in delicious water, so I did not have the concept of "buying water", so in the city there are plenty of water sold and there are people who buy it! I remember clearly that I was surprised. .

In Minamioguni-machi there is Tateiwa Water Source Park chosen as one hundred elections of Heisei in Heisei in Kumamoto Prefecture, it is very happy to be able to drink delicious water and shoot SNS shoots ~ (* ^^ *)!

Recommended as a summer resort for hot summers! !

Child can make water play ♪

Tateiwa Water Source Park
Address: Kanamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Misatoji Tateiwa
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

■ Kuju · Wataru Observation Park

Even if I mention it here! ! !

When I was a child, I wanted to ride at once ... BIG swings flowing in OP of Heidi's girl dreaming of dreaming! ! !
Here the dream can be fulfilled! I guess I want to sing that song a little ~ ♪

By the way, if timing is good you can also look at the beautiful sea of ​​clouds ♪
Wherever you areWorldwide! ! !It is a magnificent scenery! ! !

■ Kuju · Wataru Observation Park
Address: Kumamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 4275
For inquiries: 0967-42-0463

■ Okito stone hill

Power spot of Minami-sikokucho, familiarly known as "Okito stone hill"

A shooting of the live-action version of that popular comic "Advance Giant" was also done 360 ° Towards the large panorama the megalithic group!
The picture will be a picture no matter what angle you take! ! !

If you are lucky, you will not be able to swing azimuthal magnets! ! ! (Borrowing magnets can be borrowed at reception!)

■ Okito stone hill
Address: Kamamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Nakahara
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

As mentioned above, "SNS shine spot vest 8" was!

Since every area is a landscape in nature, I think that you will see the facets every season!
I am not introducing the place in Minami-sikoku town"Spot to shine"If you have any, please do show me yourself!

↓ Map here summarizing the spots introduced here ↓