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Hold a spectacular view of Aso! TRIMCOMPANY cycle tour

Hello SMO It is only a piece. The other day, I rode a bicycle after about 5 years.

Trim CompanyThen you can take a full bicycle tour around the town.
Mr. Hashimoto who will show me around.

I can get on such a cool bike!



First of all, practice. It is authentic with helmets and gloves attached, but clothes are not balanced with bicycles. but it's okay! Although I was wearing such a clothes, Mr. Hashimoto told me that there is no problem unless it is a skirt or heel shoes. How to ride and get off the bicycle, the brake on the right hand explains the brake of the front wheel, how to change the gear etc etc. I was nervous, my shoulders were tight. This day departs from the book highland of Setose!


The scenery is comfortable. It makes me feel like I have a grassy field all over. I could see the cow at hand. There were also calves. Basically it's downhill center, but sometimes there is an ascent, so I will change gear as I told you.

Break at a good place. I will have a snack prepared by Mr. Hashimoto. On this day, melon and apple juice. Melon is cold and sweet! Apple juice is just like grated apples! It seems that the snack content is different depending on the day. I am getting delicious and I cheerful, so I started again!

While enjoying rural landscapes and sawmills etc, I am comfortably descending and aim for the goal Kiyasa Kaasa! It is good to run the car with running the wind. Stopping everywhere, Mr. Hashimoto talks.
Although I was nervous with my bicycle after a long time, I can feel a very pleasant exhilaration!

Everyone please try it!

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