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Regional traditions Small festivals in South Africa

Hello! It is only SMO South Korea. I came to Minami-Oguni-machi tomorrow, and I am surprised that "a lot of festivals!" Speaking of festivals, there are plenty of night shops in it, and it is a gorgeous one like a dressing of a yukata, but the festival in Minamikoguni is different from the festival that I imagine, it feels like a lot of solemn atmosphere festivals It was. I will introduce 2 from among such many festivals.

Kumanoja Shrine Great Festival

On 9 Monday 18 day, thankfully for harvests, dedication of Nakahara Kaku is done at the Bear Shinto shrine by former Nakahara region music borer. It is designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of the prefecture. I do not seem to know the detailed route. We depart from the shrine, show off dancing around the area, and finally return to the shrine.

I climbed the other day. Because the stairs are steep and the width is narrow, it is difficult to walk a bit. And it's been quite long, but it has been cool since it's been shade all the time.

Since festivals that appreciate harvests have been done, I have asked "I hope you can eat lots of delicious rice this year ...". I thought it would be hard to climb here by tapping drums at the festival, but it seems there is a side street where a car can pass. relieved.


Yoshiwara Shrine Great Festival

It will take place on 9 Monday 20 day, dedicating Yoshiwara Iwato Kagura at Yoshiwara Shrine. Yoshiwara Iwato Kagura is designated as a country's intangible cultural asset in 1976 year. I saw Kagura for the first time at this festival, but it was powerful and fantastic one. The famous calligrapher from Kumamoto seems to have written "Yoshihara Kagura" decorated in the back. There was a program to pull up the stage with the stage, it was very exciting.


Neither festival is a day, not a day of the week. It is held on the same day every year, people living in that area tell the next generation.
As the population declines and it becomes difficult to pass down, it is continued with tremendous efforts of the local people.


Please come and see the tradition of South Korean small country once by all means.