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Road drive course connecting Yufuin and Aso Yamanami Highway. Introduce the charm of "Sani Love House", the largest drive in which all souvenirs, gourmet and healing are prepared!

My favorite car is a bit of a gaudy eyes.

When I go out somewhere, I love going to the train station and service area! ! !

Because such facilities include souvenir shops, bakery shops, food courts, shops, etc. There are many different items dealing with the local stuff because it can taste the sightseeing feeling alone here ( * ^^ *)!

Of course, it is also in Minamioguni-machi. My favorite sole is ♡
There is no one who does not know if it is a drive love There is a drive course on the royal road along the "Yamanami Highway"
The largest drive in "San Love Rest House" !

Here I will explain briefly ...

What is Yamanami Highway?
Railroad 50 kilometer road (prefectural road 11 line) which is also chosen as Japan hundred roads connecting Oita and Aso areas.
On the way there are wildlife such as Kuju Ridge Mountains, Iida Kogen, and Seto Highlands, and there are many sightseeing spots and hot springs and other places around the area!

And this time San-ai rest house introduced this time, a prominent color building around the lower left of this photo ...

If you turn it up, here! \ Don! ! ! /

It is easy to understand from anywhere, Sanwa Rest House of Symbolic existence at the entrance of Minamioguni cho!
If you take a look at this photo, okay, you can not see anything characters ...?

That's right! It was built with azalea"San-ae"The letter!
Depending on the season to watch, characters dyed in deep green or pink are a must - see ♡

And since it's a drive in, there are gas stations, hand washing and convenience stores as well!
Always there are plenty of sightseeing buses and bikers being touring, such as tourists, are very crowded, and in many times 2,000 people are coming in one day!

I understood the reason for its popularity as soon as entering the shop!

■ Souvenirs

First off here!
Even if it turns to the right ...

Even if I turn left ...

There is an overflowing souvenir! It can not fit in the picture, and this is only one corner. .

Here you can also buy representative souvenirs throughout Kyushu centering on souvenirs from Minamikoguns and Kumamoto.
On the way home from the trip, I missed buying a souvenir carelessly ... at any moment, if you buy here, there is no problem!

I heard that there seems to be several in total in all souvenirs ...
Surprisingly,  About 1,000 pieces! ! ! ! ! ! !If there is only this, it is all you want to choose a souvenir ♡

■ Meals

And then the reason for popularity next, after all!

I want to taste the delicious local gourmet on the trip! And speaking Aso, after all we can not remove the beef! ! !
Popular in San-ai rest house No, 1'sRed beef hamburger set! (1,480 yen)
The meat is packed and the hamburger with the eating response is satisfied ◎! ! !

If you enjoy the taste of red beef taste directly here!

Red beef roast beef bowl! (1,800 yen)
It's just delicious. seeing is believing. Please do eat it!

By the way, this summer is also limited!

Chilled Chinese (880 yen)!
It looks cool too! It is a gem where you can eat all the big sweet shrimp and homemade chicken ham refreshed with special sesame flavored sauce ♪

In addition, at Sanwa Rest House, you can enjoy regular buffet as well as Viking (Adult 1,620 Yen / Child 1,150 Yen / Infant 680 Yen)!

If you think that you can eat so much, you will feel happy just thinking. .

You can also go upstairs from the store on the first floor where souvenirs are sold, and you can also go upstairs from the parking lot as it is to the second floor.
Please enjoy your local gourmet slowly in a very open store!

■ Healing

I want to forget daily life, I want to be healed on the trip · · · I think that many people are traveling with such thought.

San-Ai Rest House is in the area called "Seto no Naka" in Minamioguni-machi, this area is altitude high in Minami Oguni Town, there is about 920m!
Therefore, even if you just got off at the parking lot, you can overlook the Aso Goryakudake and the Kuju mountain range, and if you go to the shade a little, the cool wind will be comfortable and will give you a healing impression on your mind and body.
In the evening, such a lovely piece ...

Aso # Seto no Takahara # Today's sunset

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■ Facilities Information

There are hotels and campgrounds in the same area at Sanwa Rest House and it is possible to stay (* ^^ *)

Boasting an outdoor hot-spring bath! Starry sky is very beautiful in the night ★

# Sani Akihara Hotel # 2017 Year 12 Month 31 Day ~ # 2018 Year 1 Month 1 Day

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Camping place is limited release from 4 / 1 ~ 10 / 31! It is the largest in Kyushu, and it shows each face in spring, summer, autumn.

■ Summary

The San-ai Rest House is a place where all three elements that are happy about "Souvenirs, Gourmet, Healing" are complete and just a visit as a resting place is a place of unnecessary charm.
Also, drive to Kurokawa Onsen by car for 10 minutes! "Ikeyama water source" located in Sanbayama village, which was elected as one hundred Japan name water, is also close, excellent access to various tourist destinations!
As a gateway to Minami Ooguni-machi, I hope you will continue to love by many tourists, Sanlia Rest House (^^) /

■ San-ai Rest House
Address: Mihousenji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 5621-7
Telephone number: 0967-44-0011
Opening hours: 8: 30 to 11: 30
No regular holiday