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Footpath course in Minamikumoni which enjoys the countryside as it is

Hello! It is SMO Mikorin. Does everyone like to walk? I do not like walking, as I do not like general movement to move my body, such as exercise.

Although I dislike exercise, I know footpath a while ago, I am walking occasionally. It is pleasant to walk slowly at your own pace. Today, I will introduce Footpath course of Minamikos.
First of all,

Nakitan course



I am starting from cafe karin.

The country scenery will follow. Calm down with peacefulness.

I am getting plums. It seems to be trying to take, but you should not take it on your own. I got excited about plums and seemed to get lost in the area around here.

There are many inns around here.

There are also sawmills.

The South Korean country is rather cool, but please refrain from hydration frequently.

I came back to the goal cafe karin.
Cute cake Delicious breads are on sale, so let 's eat it for a reward you walked a lot! We will make a reservation in advance.

Tateiwa course


Tateiwa Water Source Park is the start!
I think that it is good to drink while taking water and walking here.

This is a sweet car. It is a water mill that puts a taro in it and washes it. I will taste the taro.

There is a paved road, it is very easy to walk.

It is very cool. Because it is cool, I hope there is a thin long sleeve or something.

You can sneak in the summer.

A reward for walking while trying hard for the Tateiwa Water Source is Somen no Sushi!

I returned to the Tateiwa Water Source Park of the goal. Finally we recommend that you take water and return home! The coffee brewed with water here is exquisite.

Both courses are 2km, so do not get drowsy, it is a moderate fatigue feeling.

Please come and visit!