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Speaking of Aso and Big Bang & Power Spot here! It is 30 minutes by car from Kurokawa Onsen. Recommendation for Okudo stone hill.

It is Kaji-chan who is constantly pursuing extraordinaryness at the destination.

When you go on a trip, do you think what you would like to do on your trip?

I think that there are various things such as eating delicious things, soaking in hot springs, relaxing in activities, enjoying in activities ... "Looking at the beautiful scenery" It can not be removed.

The act of "looking at the scenery" itself does not do much in everyday life, right?
Because it is a traveling destination, I forget the time, I look at the scenic view of the scenic view, I think that you can indulge in anything ... Anything is okay.

there! Popular sightseeing spots boasted by Minamioguni-machiOkito stone hillWe are introducing Alecolle!

■ What is Okito stone?

There is a vast Makino which extends to 12 hectares in the Nakahara area in Minamioguni-machi, and that group of megaliths in that corner.
You can feel the overwhelming natural beauty with the skin just after the burning and the fresh green season, with 360 ° big panorama overlooking the mountains in the direction of Aso - Oita.

In addition, it became famous also as a power spot in the word-of-mouth, now it is annual 20,000 people visited, inquiries from the media and tourists are very many, very popular comic"Attack on Titan"It is a place used as a topic for being used as a location for the live-action version of film!

■ Where is Omiido stone?

From the national highway 212 line enter the mageno mystery road, and you will go along the signboard and you will arrive!
... Why do I explain like this? Because "Okudo stone hill" is for Makino, unfortunately there is no address that can be searched on the Internet or car navigation etc. .

For that reason I often get an inquiry "What is your address?", But I created a map because I can not respond!

The number of turns from the national highway 212 line is only 2 times!
I got lost in the road ... or I do not know the mark! In that case, please do not hesitate to contact the Minamioguni-machi Tourist Association.

■ Attractiveness of "Okito stone hill" to ask Mr. Koshiro Shimoku, representative director of Oshito Ishiguro NPO corporation

This time, we taught Mr. Koshiro Shimojosu specialist of Okudo stone hill various charm of Okodo stone!

First of all

When you arrive at Okudo stone hill, you will pay the admission fee 200 yen at reception. (This fee is used as environmental conservation expenses)

Then, following the signboard we will climb the promenade toward megalithic groups!

Wood chips are spread over the boardwalk, but because of difficulties in walking with heels and sandals, please come with easy walking shoes such as sneakers and clothes.

Keep climbing about 5 minutes · · ·

The summit has come to light! !

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