All-you-can-eat bath of Aso / Kurokawa Onsen enters? ! Limited 1,000 items! Sales of premium bathing bills will be started from 7 month 1 days!


In summer I still want to wear a yukata Kanaji.

Very nice at Kurokawa Onsen in Minamioguni-ko this timePremium bathing billsSince sale has been started from 7 month 1 day we will introduce it!

■ What is a premium bathing bill?

From premium bathing bills that day they purchasedYou can enter 2 location open-air bath in Kurokawa only for 24 days limitIt is a dreamlike bill to become! (※ Photo provided: Kuratani Photography Studio)

In Kurokawa Onsen there is also a usual bathing note that is stamping the design by brand sign, but this premium bathing bill is the master of the inn"I'd like you to enjoy more open-air bath tour!"From the special feeling of being a lovingly handprint that learned the technology of laser processing and made one by one by themselves.

It is very beautifully carved up to very fine places and the bill made of local specialty "Oguni cedar" is a finish that I say without saying "wow ..." at the moment I got it!

■ What is the premium bathing bills premium?

Introducing the three premiums of premium bathing bills nice ~ ♪

★ ① All 24 inns in Kurokawa Onsen will be entertained for 2 days! !
Attention around hot water! No matter how many times you bathe during the period OK!
Please pick up this new discovery of your favorite inn!

★ ② Hand-made hot-water bills with "Tamahama"
Using a technique of laser processing learned from scratch, it is a special hand-made hand-made finish that processed the local "Oguni cedar" and handled all the way through a string.

★ ③ 1,000 only! With serial number! !
On the back side is a serial number with a seal. Please make sure to limit 1,000 sheets "Only one you bathing bill in the world" by all means!

■ How do I get a premium bathtub?

Unlike usual hot-water bills,We do not sell with premium bathing bills only.
It will be benefits only for those who have stayed at "Ryokan's" 1,000 Limited Premium Bathroom Bill Platform Plan ". (※ Photo provided: Kuratani Photography Studio)

★ Click here for room reservations for member inn

■ Information on how to receive premium bathtub bills and bathing time

We will accept receipt on the day of the stay at the Ryokan Association "Wind Stall" or inn. In addition, please be sure to let us know the reception place to the accommodation by the day before the staying day! (※ Photo provided: Kuratani Photography Studio)

■ Information on bathing time

Bath time8: 30 am - 21: 00 pmIt is up to.
Also, please note the following facilities are not as stated above.

★ Tsukiyuki· · · I can not take a bath now. Family bath "Ayano Michi" We have correspondence. (Sai Mimi correspondence time: from 11 am to 17 pm)

★ Fujiya· · · 15:30 pm - 21 pm

Superior color· · · 15:10 pm - 21 pm

★ Nankoen· · · Current bathing is not possible (under renovation). It is scheduled to open next spring.

■ Finally

This time, I was born as a special project renewal of Official Website of Kurokawa Onsen "Premium bathing bills"
It may be difficult to enter all 24 hot springs, but I would be happy to see more Kurokawa Onsen by visiting various hot springs that I care about.

Moreover, although I say it many timesLimited to 1,000 pieces!We recommend you to reserve as soon as possible (^ ^) /
By all means! Please take a look at Kurokawa Onsen with this ♪

★ Details of premium bathing bills here

■ Contact: Kurokawa Onsen Tourist Ryokan Cooperative Association
Phone number: 0967-44-0076 (reception hours: 10 hours to 18 hours)