Summer family trip to Aso! Recommended spots for the family in the Aso area 7 selection!

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. My favorite drink is tea.

Well, summer vacation soon! I have to go out and see somewhere with my kids! I think that there are also many people who think. Speaking of summer is a family trip, speaking of family trip summer! So this time, I live in Aso and I will introduce the spot recommended for traveling with children with me becoming the 4 year.

A superb view, an ostrich and a goat. Aso Kujuu Observation Park

It is an observation park along the national road 212 which goes from Aso to Minami Oguni-machi. In early morning it is also popular as a magnificent spot where you can see the sea of ​​clouds.

There are goats and ponies in the parking lot! Children want to touch animals! When you stop by something, you can experience cucumbers and bait experiences. I think that the bait was 100 yen.

Paying 200 yen puts it in the park, but in the back of the park there is such a swing like this! It's a bit scary, but it's fun.

There are also ostriches.

Kujuu Observation Park
Address: Akasagi Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni-machi Akababa 4275
Phone: 0967-42-0463

If you play with a small kid in the park here! Aso Innercare Family Park Ah, A Viva

Popular with children! It is ☆ ☆ Viva. # Kumamoto # Aso # family

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It is a park in Aso city lamaki where access is good from both the small country side and the South Aso side. There are plenty of large-sized toy equipment, so if you are a child of 2 years old ~ 6 years old you can play for hours.

A big slide is also fun, but in the summer a shallow pool will also appear, so it is also recommended to take a bathing suit or something else. Entrance and parking lot are free too!

Aso Innercare Family Park Ah, A Viva
Address: Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture Inner Maki 261-1
Phone number: 0967-32-5011 (management office)

Experience contact with cool ranch farm! Ubayama ranch

There are play equipment such as slide and jungle gym, contact area with animals, shops and cafeterias on the grounds of the lawn, and you can enjoy it even if you go hand in hand.

Milking experience is 400 yen (with milk 1 cup). I'm thrilled with milk from boobs' boobs. By the way, as soon as I drink milk my stomach hurts.

Goats and rabbit foods are sold at 100 yen. It is very energetic so it will be chased by the goat, but there is no doubt that it will be a nice memory!

Approximately 20 minute slowly ride the tractor and go round the ranch! (300 yen). I'm also happy that you are free under 2!

Ubayama ranch
Address: 2100-3 Yosuke Arizan village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-25-2900

Zelkeye Plaza

It is the park with the biggest playground equipment in Oguni Towns! Since there are road stations, supermarkets and drug stores nearby, ♪ convenient ♪ Buy lunchbox and eat it on the lawn and you can taste the picnic feeling ♪ The shade of Zelkova feels good!

Child excitement play equipment includes five types of slide, two kinds of swing, ultra mini bouldering, sandbox and so on. Park is in front of the parking lot, Toya is also equipped and adults are happy ♪

There is also a small slide that can be enjoyed even by a 1 year old infant, even if you come with brothers ♪

Picnic in the shade of Zelkova. Zelkeye Plaza
Address: 1765-1 Mikihara Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Naga go karts too! Moon Park

A park with a nice view in Takamori-machi. The goat being released is walking on the lawn grass and I feel relaxed. The food is not sold, but if you give up the grass, the goat comes.

There is also a grass ski resort that hesitates even for adults, so we recommend that those with sleds can bring it. (Fee; no tool rental 200 yen / tool rental included 300 yen)

There is also a go-kart for a fee. 1 times 1,000 yen and a slightly good price, you can enjoy a course of 1200 meters with a go-kart in a superb view. Because it is a two person ride, parents are also fun surprisingly when riding with children and parents.

And this magnificent view! There is no doubt that you will want to take some family photos!

Moon Park
Takamori Takamori Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-62-1628

I can play all day! Aso milk ranch

A sightseeing farm where children made by taking advantage of the vast site of Nishihara village are fun. There is a spacious animal's playground, animals' races are also being implemented! The way to participate is to predict the numbers of animals that are likely to be 1 and 2, just replacing the participating ticket with a predicted ticket. There is a nice present when I get expectations. Even if my expectation is lost, a nice gift will be hit by lottery!

Goat's feeding experience. Ginseng is sold at 100 yen per cup, and if you have it, sheep will come! No matter how old you are, it's fun!

There are also many dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, and we can touch each other.

It is enough to make contact with animals and a spacious lawn plaza just to let children play, but a lot of play equipment is complete.

There is space for small children to play. There is no worry of getting lost because a frame is made.

Rakuno Mothers Aso Milk Ranch
Address: Nishihara Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture Kawahara 3944-1
Telephone: 096-292-2100 FAX: 096-292-2107

Rice field kayaks also in summer! Road Station Aso Nozomu's Home Page

A new classic of Minamiaso village! You can enjoy the kayaking experience at a rice paddy near the hope town hometown. It is scheduled to be held in the summer! Perhaps, I think that it is only here in Japan that you can have a kayak in rice field, so please do experience by all means.

Road Station Aso Nozomu's Home Page
Address: Hisaishi Minamiaso Village, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture 2807
Phone: 0967-67-3010

To the end

What did you think? This time I dared to eliminate large facilities such as Caddy Dominion and Aso Farmland, but there are plenty of places to enjoy in the Aso area with my family! I'd like to let my child play in a lost time before checking in at a lodging facility because it is "dotted" in various areas. Wishes like it will come true.

Come by all means, please come to Aso for a summer trip.

What will it do if it rains? So, we are introducing facilities that you can play even if it rains.