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【Access information】 Benefit for looking for lovers or fulfilling romance. Introduction of the way to the power spot "Kogi mountain inari shrine" popular among women

It is Alasa Lonely Girl's Kaji-chan.

To my extent that my friends are concerned and write wishes for me in strips, I am trying to do various things. Lol

There is a place that is driven by the sense of mission that such I have to go the most now.

It can also be reached by car from the popular spa town in Minamioguni-machi in 10 minutes
Two birds with one stone stone that you can worship not only interest but also panoramic views of the scenery!
The name isMount Ogaki (This Hagiyama) Inari shrine.

This time we will introduce such interests and access methods of such Kagi mountain inari shrine!

What is Kogi Mountain Inari shrine?

Among the many Inari shrines nationwide,It is only here that there is a benefit in looking for a lover / fulfillment of love! ! !
There were legendary remarks that we could find it strangely if we visited this shrine when there were no missing cows or horses in the past, and now that many young women and couples have been rumored I came to visit.

The path to Ogakiyama Inari shrine

We will introduce the route to Kagi mountain inari shrine! Number of turns from Route 442 only 4 times!
The place where the national highway 442 line and the farm road crossed will cross the small country.

After turning around for a while, there is an intersection so turn right.

As you go along the road, there is a place like this, so turn left here and proceed a narrow street.

Incidentally, there is such a sign at the corner.

As soon as it turns, it will proceed through the private houses.

Did you get lost in this area? ! I will be impatient, but it's okay. please keep on moving.

As you go through the trees you will come to a path like a meadow, but as you go along the street you will see a signboard!

If you see this signboard, it turns loose to right and climbs all the way.

The road like this will continue so we climb so much.

If you can see the torii and red building in green, it is the goal! ! ! (4 normal cars can be stopped in front of the torii)

Already this view at the parking lot. I will be excited about what kind of scenery you can watch as you climb up.

As you climb the stairs, there is a red building here.

As we go around the back of the red building, there is a shrine so we can visit the shrine, so please pray here.

After visiting the shrine, it is ant to relax and watch the scenery.

Have you seen a sight from Kogi mountain inari shrine in a different world? The feeling of liberation is so amazing as I think it is.
And in the everyday it is quiet and really healed from the bottom of my heart to the sounds of winds, birds singing birds and birds' barks that will never be heard unless they are conscious.

If luck is good, we can see the sea of ​​clouds early in the morning ...!

Kagi mountain inari shrine I'd like you to visit, both those who are looking for a lover and those who are not.
Please drop in when you come to Aso (* ^^ *)

Ogakiyama Inari shrine
Address: Manshin-ji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)