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It is kind to the body! Blueberry picking experience at Aplugun and herb plantation

Hello. SMO South Mini-country, Mikorin. It's hot every day. Minamioguni-machi is a bit cooler than Kumamoto city!

Today is recommended for summer holidays"Blueberry picking"We will introduce you!

"AMPURU MIN and herb plantation"Then, you can experience blueberry picking. A blueberry tree, how many 500 books! It is brought up carefully in the cultivation of non-pesticide / scientific fertilizer / no herbicide.



Please tell us that you would like to accept reception and pick blueberries here!



The day when I went to experience was not ripened yet but there were many fruits, but the 2018 year was about to be able to experience from around 7 / 21. The most delicious time is in the middle of the month 8! It is perfect for summer vacation.

Shoes that are easy to walk, and sunshades are strong, so hats and other objects are essential! ! ! Because it is also at the height that children can enjoy, by all means family!

In the wind forest you can also eat!


Of course there is also a blueberry shake.


Honey Blueberry sauce is superb when it is applied to yoghurt.



Blueberry picking is a limited experience only during the summer! Please come by all means!

【Blueberry Picking Experience】
Adult 500 Yen
Elementary school student 300 yen
【Blueberry picking + 1 packing all you can do】
Adult 750 Yen
Elementary school student 550 yen



Basic Information
Address: 〒869-2402
Mine Minakami-ji Town Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture 312
Telephone number: 0967-42-1553