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Recommendation of a real girls trip. I'd like to enjoy the magnificent scenery, hot springs and meals all along! Introduction of enjoying course of Aso / Minamikogoku over half a day.

■ You should definitely go to Aso! Attraction of Aso Nakadake Crater!

The mountaineering regulation was canceled after three and a half years ago"Crater of Aso Nakadake". It is approximately one hour by car from Minami-sikokucho cho to Aso Nakadake crater entrance.

Although there may be people who think that "I will drive for 1 hour?", You can enjoy all the scenery of Aso that you can reach Akasaki through the Akan Panorama Line through Akari overlooking Aso in the road towards Nakadake It's the strongest drive course! !

Wow! It is amazing! what's this? ! · · · If you are enjoying the direct natural landscape that jumps into your eyes, you will arrive in no time.

First of all, we aim to "Aso station" of JR Houbun Main Line, along the national highway No. 57"Aso station before"Turn left at the intersection called.

From there we just go straight ahead. Many people on the way "Aso" You can enjoy.
When you climb up the hill slope, it is here to see it first.

Signs for cattle horses attention? ! No way ...

I thought, I was there! A cow that is very close? ! !

Horse? ! !

It is unique in Aso that tens of cows and horses are eating pasture grass in close proximity. .

And"Aso Panorama Line"As the name is called, the view which can be seen truly panorama view!
Even if you look to the right

Even if you turn left

Vast nature. Open the window and run the car, you will be healed by a pleasant wind.

In the street"Yonezuka"You can also see ~! !

When I am able to climb while enjoying the scenery, this building is!

Currently the ropeway is out of service, so acting"Aso mountain loop shuttle bus"If you are going to get on a private car"Aso mountain park road (toll road)"It is possible to go to the crater entrance through!

【Detailed information】
★ Aso mountain loop shuttle bus(Kyushu Sogo Tourism Website)

★ Aso mountain park road(Aso City Hall Website)

Here is the view that you can see at the moment you park in the parking area at the entrance to the crater and get off the car.

A friend who went with him"It's Grand Canyon in Kumamoto !!!"He was fascinated.
A picture taken with such momentum.

Is this Japan? I want to doubt that sight. It is really beautiful.

I will fly unexpectedly. It will increase tension! ! !

Since I also increased the tension considerably, I tried to fly. It became pean, but I am still enjoying it.

If you enjoy it for a while, I will head to the crater of Nakadake.
In the vicinity of the entrance there is also a signboard which tells the concentration of the volcanic gas, and you can grasp the situation of the gas at that time.

The weather was nice on this day, so a lot of tourists came near the crater!

And this time main. Nakatake crater is here! ! !

It is regrettable that it can only express expression on a monthly basis ... Anyway it is really amazing.
Although I searched for various words as to how this impression can be conveyed, it may be impressed which only the person who went was understood. .
"I feel nature on my skin, I lose my words to that power" We would like you to enjoy this experience by all means.

In addition, we may not be able to mount in the mountain if the volcanic gas concentration is high or the weather on the mountain is bad, so we recommend you to check the regulation information and go.

Aso Godake is located in the center of the world's largest caldera. Naka-dake still keeps plumbing smoke still in it. Not only the crater but also a lot of attractive scenery such as Kususenri and Senjisato in the road, memories are heavy congestion. . Lol

When I go, it makes me want to take somebody. It is such a place. Please come and visit us once! !

«Basic information»
■ Address: Kurokawa, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
■ Aso volcano crater regulation information:http://www.aso.ne.jp/~volcano/

Now! Returning to Minami-sikoku town to heal tired body walking around the crater, to the hot spring ...!

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