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Recommendation of a real girls trip. I'd like to enjoy the magnificent scenery, hot springs and meals all along! Introduction of enjoying course of Aso / Minamikogoku over half a day.

■ With skin beautification effect? ! Feel free to enjoy Kurokawa Onsen deliciously!

Speaking of Minamioguni-machi, it is perfect for relaxing a tired body after moving around all day ♡ After all it is hot spring.
There are many spa towns in Minamioguni-machi, but this time I went to Kurokawa Onsen!

First at the Ryokan associationThree bathing hot springs over 1,300 yenBuy!
Design is also cute ♡ Just hanging from the neck and just having fun ♪

By the way, this bill can be purchased at each inn, but if you are not deciding where you want to go to a hot spring, you'd better ask the union to ask about the business situation of each inn and onsen of that day (* ^ ^ *)
※ The latest information can be confirmed from the website of the inn rally association!

I got the bill and founded it since the late Edo period and now the oldest shop in Kurokawa Onsen"Moriya Ryokan"

Here"Hime Skin Water"I heard that there is a hot spring that is exciting from the naming of saying, I went there! !

As you can not take a picture of the hot springs so there are no photos ... but I let you in both the inner bath and the open sky ♡

Alasar's I will paint the body cream all over the body for drying prevention to prevent drying, but as expected it will become a pullupple of the cinnabar, the skin will become pulrule of the tulutsul, even on this day the skin sticks without painting cream Or did not dry to rusty! (It is personal impression)

And when you feel warm in a hot spring, you want to drink cider! ! !
I bought a cider limited to Kurokawa Onsen at the front desk of a guest house, I bought a hot spring egg at the neighbor's Fujiya Ryokan, it was delicious!

«Basic information»
■ Address: Minakawaguchimachi Aso County Minshūji 6546
■ Contact address: 0967-44-0454
■ Opening Hours: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm (in the case of stop-by hot water)
■ Closed: Required confirmation

Tightening that entered the hot spring after allSoft cream!!!
It is 2 minutes on foot from the guest house ryokan"Youth (Yunno)"へ!
It's an open cafe, so it's easy to stop by, ♡

Original coffee sauce was applied to soft cream using small country jersey milk "Kurokawa soft cream" Eat full ◎!

«Basic information»
■ Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso County Minomitsuji 6602
■ Contact address: 0967-44-0777
■ Business hours: 9 am - 6 pm
■ Closed holiday: None

Although I entered only one place in the hot spring this time, since there is an expiration date of bathing bills for half a year from purchase, the other two places would like to come back again (* ^^ *)
(Next time I'd like to borrow the rental Yukata, slowly over the city of Kurokawa ...)

Kurokawa Onsen town is not only hot springs, but also meals, souvenir shops, cafés that casually stop by, so I'd love to have fun with hot springs ♪


In half a day I can enjoy Aso and Minami Kogun Town! What? How was the enjoyment course of the real Arasa girls selfish drive?

Although it seems to be traveling with a bad mouth because it is half a day, it is healed by the scenery of the way and arrives at the destination in a while while talking about it, so there is no clattering feeling (* ^^ *)

Surely it will be such a day that you will want to say unintentionally "Oh, it was fun today."

When you come to Aso · Minamikosoku, everyone, superb views, hot springs and meals too! Please fully enjoy your whole time ~ ♪

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