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Mountain bike event at "Special Canyon" which can not be usually entered! Introduction of MINAMIOGUNI MTB XC 2018.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. I ride the bicycle about 1 times in 2 year. Such a me, it looks really fun! A cycling (mountain bike?) Event will be held in Minamioguni - cho, so I would like to introduce you.

8 Moon held on 19 day (Sun)! MINAMIOGUNI MTB XC 2018

Just watching this picture Nanikore nice! I thought that, mountain bike, run the valley and the meadow that you can not normally enter! It is like that.

The stage is the Mazeno Valley where ordinary people can not enter except for the period of general opening in autumn. It is "cool".

It runs like a mountain bike like this on a "cool" road (valley?) Like this.

Not only in the valley but also on the prairie with such a good view,

The way in the mountain,

Go on a mountain bike steadily with this kind of unpaved road. Show the essence of mountain biking! is.

Because there is a part of elementary school students, children can enjoy playing naturally using mountain bike.

In this course, Mr. Hashimoto from TRIM company, who also handles bicycle tours and tours in Minamioguni-cho, realized through negotiations with local people. By all means, I'd appreciate it if you can run the nature of Minami Oguni Town by bicycle on this occasion.

competition summary:
We will go around the course designated for each division and measure the total time of the number of laps set for the class. For each category the person with the shortest goal time will be the winner.

Competition Category:
Hard course (1 lap 4.1 km)
· Elite class ... 4 laps (mileage 16.4km)
· Expert class ... 2 laps (mileage 8.2km)

Easy course division (1 lap 3.7 km)
· Sports class ... 3 laps (mileage 11.1km)
· Beginner class ... 2 laps (mileage 7.4km)
* It is possible to run in MTB rental motorcycle only for beginner class
(MTB is prepared by the organizer, rental fee is included in the participation fee, application is required at entry.)

Kids division (Kids division special course)
· Preschool class
· First grade class
· Second grade class
· Third grade class
· Grade 4 class
· Grade 5 class
· Sixth grade class

Date and schedule:
Date: 2018 Year 8 Month 19 Day (Sunday) Arrival by rain (heavy rain, stopped at the occurrence of lightning)
7: 00 ~ 8: 30 reception hours (Mazeno Valley Special Site) Running Time
8: 30 Opening Ceremony · Briefing
9: 00 to 9: 50 Easy course division time
10: 00 ~ 11: 20 Hard course course Competition time
11: 30 ~ 12: 00 Kids division Competition time
12: 00 ~ 12: 30 Closing ceremony · Lottery
15: 00 Venue closing
Venue: Mageno Valley in Minamioguni-machi

Participation fee: ¥ 5000 (Student \ 2500, Kids department \ 1000)
(We can not refund the participation fee in case of cancellation due to weather etc.)

Number of recruits: First-come-first-served
※ We will close the recruitment as soon as the capacity has been reached.

Regulations for participation:
· Mountain bike owners of 26 inches or more are limited. (Except kids division.)
· Those who have judgment ability and skill of 10 years or older (recommended) considering safety. (Except kids division.)
· A person who can observe the instructions of the organizer.
· A person who can accept real name and Internet photo posting on the internet.
· Person who is in bicycle insurance.

Vehicle rules:
· Mountain bike, fat bike
· Electric power assisted bike, rental MTB for organizer preparation (excluded from awards)
· Cyclocross bike is not allowed

Clothing regulations:
Apply a certified helmet and cycle glove. Receive a strong impact, breakage can not be used.
* As long as the MTB rental is available, you can rent a necessary equipment set.

· Participants must line up at the start line by the start time of the competition.
· Puncture after the start of the competition, in case of breakage, repair work with tools / parts brought by the participants.
· For repair work, it is possible to work between participants, lend and borrow tools and parts.
· The hard course has a river crossing section so there is a high possibility that equipments will get wet.
· To manage luggage by yourself, be sure to bring garbage home.
· Please refrain from using the competition venue except the day.

Click here for competition entry:
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MINAMIOGUNI MTB XC 2018 Secretariat
TRIM company Hashimoto Koto
Tel-090 8666-1006
E-mail: aso@cycletour.com