Support the "home town" in the heart and offer reward items. I asked the Mayor about how my town tax payment in Minamioguni-machi is utilized for town development.

Hello! Soji Minami Oguni Editor-in-Chief Kaji-chan!

Everyone think that I have heard it once!"Hometown tax payment"A word called.
I have seen it on television, etc., but I did not understand what kind of system it was shameful at all, I did not know why it is so popular ...

However! Listening to the story of my hometown tax payment this time,"How did you not know such a profitable system?"I blamed myself. .

So, I do not want everyone to think like that! In that regardARE COLLE OF TELEPHONE OF THE FRIENDLY OF NANGOKOKO-MACHINI will tell you!

■ What is home town payment?

First of all, what is "home tax payment"? It is a simple question.
First I looked into the homepage of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications!

It is "donation" to prefectures and municipalities. In general, if you donate to a local government, you will be deducted from income tax and inhabitant tax by part of the donation amount by making the final return. However, in principle, excluding the self-payment amount of 2,000 yen, the entire amount will be subject to deduction in the home tax payment. (* The donation amount to be deducted in full has a certain upper limit depending on the income and family composition etc)

In addition, the hometown tax payment system was established as "a system that can contribute to the hometown where he was born and raised", "a system that allows him to select local governments that he / she wishes to support with their own will". Since we can give us the hometown tax not only in our own home country but also in any municipality, after looking at the way of thinking about the hometown tax payment that each municipality publishes on the homepage etc., the use of collected donation etc. Please select the municipality you want to support.
※ quotation: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications HP

Hmm ... If you ask "tax payment", I think that it is a little hurddy · · ·,"Donation to local governments you want to support"I think it is easy to understand!

To sum up briefly, the amount donated by making a donation is refunded from the income tax of the year and is deducted from the individual resident 's tax of the following fiscal year. The topic is that it is a topic that plus rice and It is a place where there are many areas where meat etc is prepared as thanks!

■ How tax is used in Minamioguni-machi

What kind of things are the money actually donated? It is an interesting place, is not it?
The use of home tax payment in Minamioguni-machi is as follows.

(From the homepage choice 's homepage)

"Leave it to the mayor"? !We have no choice but to ask the person himself for detailed use! So I went to the Minami Ogikitachi town office to actually listen to stories!

Here is the town mayor!

Shuji Takahashi (Takahashi Shujiji)
Mayor of Minamioguni-machi. 46 years old. Father of two children. My favorite food is boiled fish. My hobby is playing golf and I am looking forward to playing with my children on holidays. There is no one who goes to the right when singing the songs of Southern All Stars, very energetic dad in the countryside that is very familiar.

Hello! Today I would like to tell you about the taxes paid by my hometown tax payment.
In Minamioguni-machi we are seeking tax payment in the form of "Taking the town mayor!" For taxes, what kind of things does money actually use?

Mayor Takahashi:
In Minamioguni-machi, the cost of running a cram school where children in the town can go free, expenses for making a processing place to make agricultural products made by themselves as special products, and costs for developing the processed goods Support, and support for opening funds for those who want to open restaurants in the town.

I see! People living in Minamioguni Town are using it as a backup for what you want to try. It is very nice support for those who make a chance that children can learn by themselves, but want to try but can not afford to finance by problem ...!
In Minami-Oguni-machi, why did you think that you were going to use such taxes?

Mayor Takahashi:
In our town is the theme "High quality satoyama making" the theme. However, in order to make this satoyama first of all it is very important that "the townspeople are fine". In order for a person who lives in this town to become healthy, the townspeople themselves know "what they can do because they are Minami - Okinawa Town, what can not be done in Minamioguni Town".
In other words, it is important that you do "search for something" and you like your city and be proud. To that end, I think that you can increase the number of things you can do in this town more and more so that you can connect beautiful satoyama to the next generation.

I see ... Taxes we paid to everyone are used to enrich our lives and hearts living in Minamioguni-machi. It is truly appreciated. Tears
Not only for "now" but also for the development of the future children and future town, we are using very nice money.

Mayor Takahashi:
I think that activities for improving the happiness of the townspeople have been realized thanks to your support. Thank you very much. We will continue to devote ourselves to being in a charming town from now on, so thank you.

Mayor Takahashi Thank you very much!

I understand exactly what kind of intention is being spent in Minami Oguni Town! But as I wanted to know exactly what is being used specifically afterwards, on the next page I introduce things etc. actually made by using my home tax payment!

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