Beauty salon of "superb view" of Aso · Oguni Town. Introduction of Camus Tsubakiyama.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. Recently I put a perm.

I've been cutting my hair myself for the past few years, but generally it failed and it was a regrettable hairstyle like this every time.

This hairstyle, not sleeping habits, trying to keep up very hard. I felt the limits of cutting by myself.

I am about 35 years old. Because it is a good adult, I will cut my hair properly. That's why I met a local place recommending a place recommended and I met a beautiful beauty salon "Camus Tsubakiyama". It is a wonderful place where you can go for cutting hair in a mood like going on a trip, so I will introduce it.

Beautiful room of a superb view! "Camus Tsubakiyama"

Although the location is a bit hard to understand, a signboard with a feeling like this and a slope like this are on the right side when heading towards Hita from Farm Road Waita toward the small country. I climb this gentle on the slope to the upper right.

A building like this looks like a place that climbed a slope. So far, there is no indication that there is one beauty shop and I think that it is a place I do not even know even if there is no introduction by someone.

There is a pony in the parking lot. It is big, it is difficult to understand whether it is a horse or a pony.

Also goat.

When entering the shop it is like this. Is that a cafe? I am worried about it but it is a beauty salon.

When opening the door in the back, it looks like a beauty shop at last.

When I cut my hair, I was not good at the big mirror in the beauty salon, but my mind relaxed while looking at Aso Goryagi far away. My heart also cuts my hair.

The landscape through the window looks like this! It is slightly cloudy, but if it clears up, it is Aso Godake Dawn.

It's like this from a cafe space in front. After having your hair cut, it will serve delicious coffee with a sofa that can see this scenery.

Camus Izayama
Address: Nishigori Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 2052-83

in conclusion

What did you think. I was not able to endure the sitting time of about an hour not doing anything in the hairdresser's room, so I started to cut my hair myself. However, after I met Coco, I came to go to the hairdresser to spend a relaxing time. Not just cutting your hair, but also to relieve stress.

By all means, when you want to cut your hair at your destination please try going to Camus Tsubakiyama.