A must-see for cafe! Cafe No. X NUMX I want you to take on a date! Founder of Aso / Minamikosoku Introduction of long-established cafe "Apple Tree" of 1 year.

Coffee loves black, but if you drink in the morning it is a bit of a delicate delicacy that will destroy your stomach.

I really like girls ~, cafe. Without exception, I also go out for going to "go to a fancy cafe".

Speaking delicious gourmet and sweet taste of delicious gourmet and sweets while talking to cute interiors and small items at the cafe visited, spending a relaxing and unusual time is the most fun! ! !

And I am drunk by myself in a cafe and it is a real pleasure to soak in the self-satisfied world that "Ah, now is not rearing me ~ ...". Lol

Today I love such cafe and I am well established in Minamioguni Town! If you bring me to this shop on a date I definitely get the tension up and I will introduce a really recommended cafe that will definitely like him!

■ Tea chestnut bowl of apple

Founded 27 years! The same age as me! There are no strangers in Minamikoguni, a fashionable cafe in the center of the town.

The stone pavement is cute. The appearance of an old traditional house style.

As the store name suggests, the shop is surrounded by apple trees. It will be a while until it gets red.

And good news for smokers! Dining & smoking at the terrace seating is OK too! Because the shade of the trees is cool, I feel like I want to drink coffee for laziness.

The carpet is lovely. On the board was written a recommended lunch menu etc!

As soon as the entrance gets big Grand Piano! But as long as the grand piano seems to be small, it is inside the shop that is hiding.

Message notes you write are displayed everywhere in the store and you can look back at any time (* ^^ *)

An ornament one by one Japanese " cute "!!

The interior is using Oguni cedar of age 80 to 100 years, and it is comfortable with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere ◎!

In the tree of the apple, you can buy not only your meal, but also handmade bread! !

Such bread that you want to eat at dinner · · ·

I want to eat it at 3 o'clock snack Like this bread ... Anyway the bread looks delicious.

And here comes the bread you absolutely want me to buy! In one month10,000 piecesMost popular items boasting sales results"Ultimate meal"!
There are nobody who does not know if there is a melonpan now as it is sold in supermarkets and nationwide Kanto region such as Kinokuniya. The taste is three types of plain, brown sugar, and chocolate.

Handmade one by one carefully in natural yeast, 100% wheat produced in Hokkaido, thickening cookie dough, has become a gentle taste unforgettable once you eat. Because it is individually wrapped for take out, it is easy to carry around! I am very pleased when I buy it as a souvenir. It is recommended to eat with a range chin.

Continue, lunch menu!

Most popular"Specialty grilled curry (¥ 900 -)"!
Curry is sweet! I am not good at painful things, too I am perori. Curryfully cooked curry, roasted cheese · semi egg egg is the best compatibility!

Popular with women! Hamburger of an Aka's red beef took a dawn"With original Locomoco soup (¥ 1,150 -)"!
Plenty of vegetables and fried eggs are also full volume! It is one dish greatly satisfied!

After all we have to eat kore.

A signboard product of an apple tree!"Aparu pie ara mode (¥ 700 -)"! Exquisite sweetness of apple acidity and vanilla ice! ! By the way, Apple pie can also be served separately (¥ 400 -)!

And you can buy apple pie of apple tree in the hall, take-away is also possible ♡

I think that some people who read this far "I want to go to eat so much!" "But I can not go so far"! But! Good news for such people!

In the apple tree, this sticking apple pie has been exhibited as a return teller of his / her home (^ ^) /

In order to hear detailed stories, I interviewed you!

Masashi Sato (Masato Sato)
A director. 36 years old. The nickname is Mahbo. When I was little I was playing in the river or in the cave. A ghost member of the baseball club in the town. Recently little stiff neck .... It is funny and kind personality who speaks very kindly. My favorite food is Hayashi Rice. · · · It is not an apple · · · (Voice of Kaji-chan)

An apple 's one - point T - shirt is cute Masa Hello! Today I came to explore the secret of popular apple trees!
First of all, it is also a signboard product, it is also an "Apple pie" which is also a return to home payment, why is it so tasty? !

Mr. Masashi:
Well, my Apple pie is handmade from the fabric. It carefully weaves oils and fats, chills them, weaves them in again, chilling ... so we have made them repeatedly, so it takes 4 to 5 days to finish one. It is a bit different taste with commercially available pie seats as much as I am committed to taking time.

I see! It is true that the dough awakens with appetite with fabrics It is a gift of that effort that a slightly sweet scent is boring!
By the way, I used three hot sugars in apple pie introduction sentences ... but did you have any reasons? !

Mr. Masashi:
Three temperature sugar is less sweet than ordinary sugar"Because you can get the original taste of the apple firmly"Is not it? We have been using only 3 sugary sugar since our founding!

Do not cheat anything, you win with original taste of material! That is what it is. It's probably because apple pie here is "not too bad" as it is not getting tired of having an apple going around, or being eaten with pelot is sweetness is modest!
By the way, I thought that apple pie does not have the taste of cinnamon which is roughly included ~ Is not it included? !

Mr. Masashi:
I agree! There is no cinnamon in our apple pie. I feel that there are many people who simply dislike cinnamon, lol

Certainly people who are not good at scent of cinnamon and distinctive flavor are many! It is popular because it is an apple pie easy for everyone to eat (* ^^ *)
By the way, I think that Apple pies of rebated items will reach you at hand in frozen state, but do you have any recommendations on how to eat it? !

Mr. Masashi:
First thaw it at room temperature, then I think it would be good to burn in the oven! Although a la mode is popular also in shops, I think that you can reproduce the taste of the shop very delicious easily if you eat it with ice even at home!

Oh ~! It is amazing! ! I am happy that you can easily reproduce the taste of the shop at home. Let me also try. .
In the end, please give a word to those who are giving taxes for their hometowns!

Mr. Masashi:
Always thank you for choosing Apple pie as a refund item. I would be pleased if you would like to go to Kumamoto to actually eat the goods, want to go to the tree of the apple. Thank you in the future.

Mr. Mr. Mr. Thank you very much! !

Both apple pie and melon bread are particular one by one, so it is popular because it is handmade (* ^^ *)!
Eat well, souvenirs are okay, good gifts are good, you can enjoy the apple tree in various ways!

Someone please take me on a date! ! Urgency

Please drop in by all means to eat "Precious items" when you come to Aso direction!

【Basic information】
Address: Akasagi Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 137
Telephone number: 0967-42-0785
Business hours: 10: 00 to 18: 00 (Saturdays and Sundays are up to 19: 00)
Closed: Tuesday