"Please buy this absolutely!" Souvenir from Minami-kogun that is truly pleased to immigrate and only recommend 1 year!

Hello! SMO South Mini-country, Mikorin. It is a souvenir choice for travel fun, but there are a lot of times and there are times when you do not know what to choose. In such a case, I will introduce the special products etc of Minami-Japan small country that you can buy at Kiyora Kaasa, you can buy and return. Because there are refrigerated ones, please also bring a cold insulated bag!


1. Yatannon's Karintō

350 Yen

This is a definite souvenir. It is a standard souvenir to bring when meeting a friend, regardless of age and sex. Taste is 5 type. Rice flour, yuzu pepper, wormwood, cinnamon, rum raisin. Among them, recommendation is Yuzu pepper and wormwood!



1388 yen (1000ml)

It is a little sweet soy sauce. It is a phantom soy sauce to eat while tofu, but it is all-purpose as well as tofu. Especially good for eating egg hung on rice! I began to keep standing even at my parents home.


3. Yoshiaki Yahi

 300 Yen

You can buy tofu from Kurokawa Onsen's "Tofu Kichijo" san and Kiyara Kaasa. If you bake it in a frying pan or a toaster and eat it with soy sauce or citrus pepper, it is delicious. Because there is a volume, it is also the best as a side dish for side dishes and drinks! Ideal for souvenirs to families.


4. Small country Jersey milk Langdocker

760 Yen

It is ideal for souvenirs distributed by companies etc. because it contains a lot. The chocolate of the milk flavor is caught in the kakushaku cookie, it is a sweet candy, so the sweet tooth is a dish of delight!


5. Jersey milk

85 yen (200ml)

Speaking of Aso it is jersey milk. It is very dark because it is milk fat 4.5%! Because it is reasonable size that does not become full, please drink immediately not only as a souvenir but also as soon as a small country! Eating bananas and Baumkuchen together is the best delicious.


At Kiyora Kaasa, fresh vegetables are also affordable! Because there are plenty of seasonal vegetables, please try looking for your favorite vegetables. By the way, there are many chestnuts. There are not many numbers, but there are also chestnuts that are peeled, so you can make stewed cookie and chestnut rice shortly after returning home!


All souvenirs introduced this time, you can purchase at Kiyora Kaasa. It would be great if you could refer as a souvenir in South Korea.