Hakui which is not known unexpectedly in Aso / Minamikikoku? ! Featuring satoyama, beautiful skin effect preeminent "Feeling of dropping in in the area of" Oda Onsen in "Oshima" area.

Hello! There is roughly a sightseeing spot in "Love Movement" is Kaji-chan pulling from one end!

Three consecutive holidays will come! ! Have you all scheduled a going out? !

I think that some people are getting lost as to what to do consecutive holidays, somewhere they can feel free to take a hot spring or not.

This time, it is very popular in Minami-Kogori, you can feel the airy feeling of Satoyama directly, in "Oda area" where you can spend time with your relaxing timeOne-day bathing (drop-by hot water)We will introduce the inn that we can do! !

Oda area map is here! ! The inn that you can take a day trip to introduce this time is five surrounded by a blue frame.

Well then, introduce one by one!

■ Otani no Yuzai no Sho

A stylish lodging that passes through this passage, European style fireplace and Western antique furniture are arranged with good sense. (Please check it locally!)

Weakly alkaline low harmonic high hot spring containing a lot of "metasilicic acid" which is said to be natural moisturizing ingredient is colorless and transparent! Because it promotes metabolism of the skin, after entering, your skin is slippery ♡

Otani no Yuya no Sho
■ Day-trip bathing acceptance time: 12:30 pm - 6 pm (irregular holiday)
■ Price: 500 yen
■ Address: 5853-1 Minami Oguni Town Minamioguni Town, Aso-gun
■ Telephone number: 0967-44-0234
■ Parking lot: 14 units

■ Four seasons village Hanamura

The hotel which is located on the vast site of about 4000 tsubo. The atmosphere changes somewhat when walking on the stone pavement.

The spacious public bath here is also attractive, but in reality the cave bath in the back is secretly popular. Steam effect + Metasilicic acid double combo Let's get your skin Skin! !

The village of the four seasons
■ Day-trip bathing acceptance time: 11:30 AM to 9 PM (irregular holiday)
■ Price: 500 yen
■ Address: Minami-Oguni-machi, Aso County Minakami-ji Temple 5850
■ Phone number: 0967-44-0088
■ Parking lot: 16 units

■ Buckwheat noodles and inns at Kusadariro

A happy place to enjoy both buckwheat noodles made by skilled craftsmen and a hot tub of private charters.

Each of the five bathrooms is different in atmosphere, and you can also select open-air bathing. A nice space that will not get tired even if it comes many times.

Buckwheat Noodle
■ One-day bathing acceptance time: 11 am - 2 pm (closed on Fridays and open on the day before public holiday)
■ Fee: 1 room 60 minutes 1000 yen + number of people (500 yen per person)
■ Address: Minaso Oguni Town, Aso County Minshūji Temple 5956
■ Phone number: 0967-44-0108
■ Parking lot: 8 cars

■ Shinobu Forest Guesthouse Shinobu Mountain

A luxuriously-designed hotel called 1500 room on the site of about 12 tsubo. The forest's secret wrapped in tranquility.

An open-air bath where you can feel the four seasons while relaxing in hot springs of fine quality springs that spring up with Conicon. Because it drains from the source, you can feel the quality of the spring firmly.

Shinobu mountain in a quiet forest
■ Day-trip bathing acceptance time: 11 am - 2 pm ※ The use time is one hour (irregular holiday)
■ Price: 500 yen
■ Address: Minshūji Temple 5960 Minamioguni-machi, Aso County
■ Phone number: 0967-44-0188
■ Parking lot: 12 units

■ Bed and breakfast

In a quiet satoyama, a hospitality in which you feel nostalgia.

Izumi no yu is good enough to drink. Immerse yourself and let's refresh!

I love you
■ Day-trip bathing acceptance time: 10 am - 3 pm (irregular holiday)
■ Price: 300 yen
■ Address: Minosuikogo-machi, Aso-gun Minomichi 5948
■ Phone number: 0967-44-0507
■ Parking lot: 10 units

■ Summary

How was the stop-by-hot feature in the Oda Onsen area, which is unknown unexpectedly?

The quality of fountain of Oda Onsen is about to be said as "natural lotion" Your skin will be slipperyMetasilicateBecause it contains many ", I recommend it especially for women! It is healed at satoyama and your skin is beautiful. . There is no doubt that it will be a nice weekend!

By all means, please come and visit Oda hot spring \ (^^) /! !

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