| Event announcement | Cycling in autumn Aso. An event that you can enjoy spectacular scenery and exquisite sweets, open-air baths too! Notification of 10 Moon 14 day held.

Hello! I purchased a mountain bike, I am happy to be able to run fast, I was on a race, I crashed into the utility pole twice from my face, and I noticed that there was no sense of driving! Kaji-chan!

(I hurt my right thumb while I hit my face, lol)

I am not very good at riding such a bicycle But even me can participate! At the Minami-sikoku town near the autumn leaves season, "Sweets × bicyclesNotice is given as it is decided that a different color (?!) Collaboration is realized and a nice event will be held \ (^^) /

■ Autumn Seto Kogen She Tani Meeting Touring & Sweets

What kind of event is it? And those who think that you will definitely want to participate in the event at the end after reading this article!

For those who love sweets and those who like bikes, I'm curious a bit, but a real bicycle event is a little ... and those who are a bit shy of missing are also must-see!

Everyonepleasant! delicious! It feels good!It has become such a touring event (* ^^ *)!

First of all, explain the outline of this event easily!

Tamanami Highway crossing Aso Kuju National Park. Touring that aims to be a popular sweet shop, "Book Shoh Tani no Honbara shop", which is operating in the mountain village located in the mountains.

It is the content that goes to "Shhe · Tani no Honbara shop" of the meeting place by cycling the thoughtful route from everyone's participation starting point.

Departing from home to aim for a mileage award is also good. It is good to join with their colleagues and aim for a book in Seta. It is okay to bring your bicycle by car and to sightsee the books in Seta. Husband is cycling, family members can participate by car.

You can join in a free style!

Let's make it a place to talk about the effect of cake, what kind of route it has been around, while everyone is cheering up a cake buffet of Ms. Tani after the meeting.

In addition, we received a hot spring bathing ticket for the day from Kurokawa Onsen. The best touring that you can fully enjoy autumn, arriving on your way home by sweating in popular spa town.

Even reading it makes me excited! ! !

In brief summary,While cycling your favorite course, feel nature, watch the spectacular view, aim for a tired sweet sweet body! And after having tasted the tongue to the delicious sweets, leisurely enters the hot spring and is returnedIt is like feeling.

It is somehow very luxurious. "Sweet things" to eat after moving are exceptional! ! !

■ Cycling course

You can run your favorite course! However, it is worrisome about what kind of course actually exists.

The organizer created the model course this time, and those who do not know the Minami-sikoku-machi at all or those who do not know what course to run should be able to participate with peace of mind.

★ Model route (Kurokawa Onsen course: start and goal is Kurokawa Onsen parking lot)
· For beginners: 13 kg

· For intermediate level: 24 kg

· For advanced users: 34 kg

Every course is a wonderful course covering nature in Minamioguni-cho and Oita prefecture next door ♡

If luck is good, you can see the cows in this close ...

In the place where the view is good, we can see Kuju mountains and Aso Godake etc!

The organizer living in Minamikogiki only thinks about the course "Autumn in Minamioguni-choIt is the strongest course that you can enjoy. Why do not you try it as a reference (* ^^ *)

■ Shoh Tani no Honagahara store

What kind of sweet shop is "Sha Tani" gathering this time? Because I think that some people say so, explanation.

■ Confectionery specialty CHEZ Tani

I am thinking of Sha Tani that sweets are "to create opportunities for happiness" since its founding.

I think that it is a happy time that can not be swept away by time, not protecting it, because polite sweets made over time are a small sweet shop.

It seems to be somewhere, never tasteful anywhere. While hoping to convince every single sweet, I hope to deliver such a thing like Tani like that.

And Shoh Tani no Honbara shop is open on 2004 11 month 3 day. It was born in the rich nature of Aso.

In the Western-style building in Aso's plateau, you can set up a large windows spreading the glass all over the wall, a glass solarium, and enjoy magnificent views of Aso along with the cake.

Mr. She-Tani has 8 shops, including sister stores mainly in Kumamoto city, but only Konase no Kohara store can eat cake inside the cafe as a cafe!

As you can see in the introductory text, you can see it from the window on the prairie of Aso. To the beautiful scenery that is too beautiful, it will be a big eyes wide open as "moment ~ !!!" at the moment of entering the store. Lol


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It is a nice view, is not it?


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Every cake looks delicious. .

It is a level that makes your stomach ring just by looking at the pictures. After being steady move, even if you eat a lot of cakes the guilt feeling is zero! ! !

■ The last is fresh! To Kurokawa Onsen

All of you who participated this timeOnly for the day! Bathing tickets at Kurokawa OnsenI will give you! !

As I sweat it is refreshing at the hot spring! And I want to get tired of being soaked slowly.

Maybe you can see autumn leaves a bit!

■ Application method

Please apply from the reservation form below to apply for the event.

★ Personal computer · Smartphone shared

★ Only for smartphone

Name: Autumn Seto no Kogen Kogen She-Tani Assembly Liaison with Touring & Sweet
Date and time: 10 month 14 day (Sunday) Receptionist: 11 hours in the morning ~ 12 time in the afternoon at the Takahara store in She-Taniase
Organized by: TRIM company Aso Kuju cycle tour
Price: Adult 4,000 yen / Student 3,000 yen / elementary school student 1,000 yen
Vehicle regulations: None in particular (recommended sports road bike)
Starting point: From any part of the participant
Meeting point: Shoh Tani no Honbara shop

※ Event details can also be checked from the following website.

Come for making autumn memories! Please join the event \ (^^) /