11 / 11 (Sunday) holding decision! Notice of Oguni cedar pop-up table WS (※ acceptance closed)

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori. Everyone, do you like DIY?

I did not like it at all, but I felt somehow fun while making wooden boxes and making shelves in necessity.
Especially if you have a proper tool, you can do it well! After noticing that, I started to make it by myself, rather than buying ready-made items.

Here is the experience that I was worrying about for a while!
It is a pop-up table workshop of Oguni cedar. By the way, "pop-up" is a workshop that makes a desk in a favorite place in a meaningful way that it appears suddenly.

Incidentally, this table, Oguni Town Forestry Association sells under custom order, but 76800 Yen! It is a nice price, but when you actually touch it you will find a gentle feeling of Oguni cedar and a wonderful pattern to spawn.

We will hold a workshop where you can create such a pop-up table while receiving support from a professional carpenters at the Minami Oguni Town Integrated Bussan Museum Kiyora Kaasa!

| Summary of Event |
Date and time: 11 month 11 day (Sun) 10 to 16 hour
Venue: Minamioguni-cho Total Bussan Museum Kiyora Kaasa
Capacity: 6 pair limit
Flow of the day:
10 hour ~: gathering, greeting, self-introduction, venue preparation
10 hour 30 minutes ~: DIY table making
13 hour ~: Lunch time break
14 hour ~: finishing work
16 hour ~: completed! Commemorative photo taken with everyone
Fee: 36,000 Yen / 1 pair + Lunch box charge (1000 Yen / 1 people)
※ Please pay in cash on the day
Organized by Oguni Town Tour Conference
Co-organizer: Oguni-cho Forestry Association, Regional Science Research Center Co., Ltd., Miki Sato Architecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)
Application has been completed from here ※

It is possible to make original patterns by combining Oguni cedar rings and colors.

If you want to put original logos and patterns, 1 pieces per 1000 piece can be engraved with a pattern.

You can make various combinations and just create your own "only" table.

I am not good at DIY, so even those who support it are OK.

This is the finished product. The size of the top board is 1200 mm × 500 mm × 60 mm in width. The height of the leg is 700 mm. Because the table top and leg parts are separate, easy to carry!

It is the first event in Kiyora Kaasa, but since it is an event that reaches capacity soon every time, please apply early.
Application is from here (※ Application has been closed)

So we are looking forward to seeing you all!