[Winter gourmet second bullet] A little luxury reward lunch. You can eat both beef and duck! The strongest soba taste in the name water treatment 3 choices.

Hello! It is a puffer fish.
I'm sorry, Kaji-chan.

Winter gourmet second bullet is "SobaI will introduce you to the spot!

To tell the truth, in a small country there is a shop specializing in buckwheatThere are 11 stores too! ! !
Because the water is so delicious, it is sure that your soba is also delicious \ (^^) /

Incidentally, there are lots of nutrients that are said to be effective for the discharge of fatigue, blood smoothness effect, cholesterol in the intestines such as dietary fiber which contains 2.5 times vitamin B1, B2, rutin, and white rice ! !

Not only is it delicious, can you get used to health? ! Soba is such a good thing, but this time I want to eat as a reward for myself a little luxury recommended this winterThe strongest soba 3 selectionWe will introduce you! !


It is at the entrance of the soba highway, and it is open any time! I'm happy all year round, soba shop.

Full of furnace back, table, and dressing tables! Oooooooooooooooonly from one person to a group! !

★ Beef Namba Soba (¥ 1,650)
Speaking of Aso, after all, beaked cow! But I also want to eat buckwheat noodles as well! Such selfishness is settled with this dish. Tsuyu with rare portion of lamp meat dipped in special sauce and freshly boiled soba are the best matches! Also look forward to a small bowl of kudzu tofu and buckwheat noodles.

【Basic information】
Shop name: Akira Akira
Address: Akaba 3220, Minamioguni-machi, Aso County
Phone number: 0967-42-1820
Opening hours: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
No regular holiday

■ Boiled rice in the mountain

Along the Route 442 on the National Route, it is a shop one step ahead to go to Hara Hot Springs.

Because there are windows near every table in the spacious store, you can dine while enjoying the view!

★ Tsubaki duck (¥ 2,052)
Winter only! Duck and soba are still compatible ◎! A dish that chopsticks will not stop. You can choose warm soba or soba soba for your soba. It is best to put rice in a duck that is soaked with eggs and duck delicacies of nutritious crow bird chicken with high nutritional value and make it a rice cooker! A reward lunch for yourself who can enjoy handmade noodles, duck meat, rice cook ♪

【Basic information】
Shop name: Mountain no meal
Address: 7188-2 Manshin Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Phone number: 0967-48-8355
Business hours: 11 am - 5 pm
Closed: Tuesday


It is only here that you can eat soba noodles in the Oda area!

Let's taste the feeling of extravagant luxury lunch a little different from usual inside modern Japanese Restaurant ♪

★ Mochi fried soba (¥ 1,200)
Speaking of winter, it is after all "rice cake". Buckwheat noodles with 3 such mozzed fried rice cakes. I entered Ogoshi in Oguni too, it's a nervous but disappointing item! I'm filled with a full stomach! !

【Basic information】
Store name: Kusutaroan
Address: Misumiji Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun 5956
Phone number: 0967-44-0108
Business hours: 11 am - 3 pm
Closed Friday: Friday

■ Conclusion

How was the strongest soba 3 choice? ! Just a little luxuriously at the trip, eat delicious food, please leave a memorable meal tightly.

Because every shop is a completely different taste of buckwheat, I'm glad to choose a shop to suit your mood ♪

Want to eat in winter! The body asks! Come to Minami-sikokucho by all means to eat delicious soba \ (^^) /

▽ Map showing 3 stores is here ▽