【Birch Southern Small Country】 No one knows Alps? ! Tora sometimes with sheep and superb view and excellent items. Introduction of the fresh original area of ​​the field.

Hello! A new idea arbitrarily invented "Small town small countryIt's Kaji-chan who has started!

Well, where am I now?

Oh well, pretty hip. That's right! Here is the alpine of Minamikogikuni! Tanahara area!

I am eating Mushy's grass.

Because there are sheep so close, I took a picture with a safari park feeling.

In the explanation so far, I think that many people think that "Where is Tanomaru! Why is there a sheep?", So I will explain firmly.

Tanahara area
Next to Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring resort filled with old-fashioned emotions! Area consisting of five inns, three dining options and one convenience store. The main character is also very famous as the location of "Masu Tsuraiyo" which was familiar with the nickname "Tora-san"!

There is also a face panel of Tora-san!
There is also a rare waterfall in Kyushu called "Couple Falls", which is the only waterfall that gathers from two places in one place, always crowded with couples and tourists. And there are also "Kogi mountain inari shrine" here, which is said to have a benefit in love fulfillment even among Inari shrines nationwide, and it is an area full of highlights.

Pretty sheep earlier is a sheep raised in the original area of ​​the field to alleviate the burden of burning!
Basically it is in the fence which is going to "Kogi mountain inari shrine" introduced earlier, but if luck and timing is good you may meet outside the fence! !

When you see it, do not frighten, please give a watchful eye. (When you stand behind a male sheep, you seem to be kicked ...)

Please check the road to Ogakiyama Inari shrine from the link below!