【Big to Small Southern Country】 Alps here too? ! You can enjoy a superb view and profitable gourmet easily in half a day! Introduction of Akababa area.

happy New Year.

Speaking Kimono as a New Year photo! That's why I got a little dandy with the kimono I got from my mother.

I would like to be able to tell you the seasonal information around 2019 in the southern small country, so please do not hesitate.

Well, New Year's first one is irregular update "Small town small countryIt is.

The thing I've been smoking for the moment is the photo spot full of openness to all of you "Taikan peakFrom the area ...

Unknown power spot "Okito stone hill"Passed nearby ...

Office in Minamioguni-machi and ...

Popular for local tourists who can take a bath at a cheap price of 200 yen to tourists in South KoreaKirara Onsen Kan"and so on···

In the center of Minami Ooguni TownAkaba areaI will introduce you.

Big scene · Touching · Mobilized · Soba! ! ! Since various attractions are overflowing, please read through all means.

■ Goat? Ostrich? Swing? Alps again? !

When I came from Aso direction I was in the right hand side "Kuju Wataru Observation Park. "

There is an observation deck in the back of the parking lot, and you can hope for a spectacular view of the South Korean country as its name suggests! !

By the way, we can see the sea of ​​clouds if season, timing and luck are good.

If you are impressed by the scenery, definitely with Challin.

And I wrote it in the headline, here and there, the animals ...

It was! ! ! Goat! ! ! ! The last time was a sheep! ! ! Goat this time! ! ! !

It is messed up, but I am desperately making a smile with keeping an exquisite distance.

Max quickly passed the heart with the goat.

As Ruspa's nice scented food is sold for 1 cup 100 yen, please give it up!

And here is a goat as well as an ostrich.

I felt the most alpine, a big swing rising towards the vast forest.

Because it is a bibi (even if it does), I did not ride on the swing but it is really recommended for those who want to taste the Real Heidi feeling and those who are seeking a feeling of openness.

■ Aim for it! billionaire! What? ! !

After playing firmly with the goat, it took about 10 minutes by car from here, to the shrine where I was always in the way on the side of the soba highway.

By the way, when you come here from a parked observation park, please turn to the soba highway with this blue sign as a mark.

The shrine I was curious about, it was "This treasure Inori Shrine"!

Here is the spirit of Kyoto Fushimi Inari shrine is enshrined, somethingI win the lotteryOr a popular power spot or something!

Max who went with me was seriously holding hands and I thought that it was over and I was touched by prayer still while praying. (Lol)

Because it is a stairway of a length long enough to breathe a little, those who want to honor the lottery by all means come! !

■ In a healing space, a tongue drum for excellent items!

In the small town of Bangkok, it has become a staple, a meal section.

This time, the most located in the side of the buckwheat "Hanamugoan (Kagouan)I bothered you!

All the seats are spacious and you can dine relaxly in the old private-style restaurant.

This time, we got two items here.

★ warm chicken soba (¥ 1,300)
The flavor and texture of sweet potato chicken cooked with superb compatibility with soba! ! ! One item that you want to drink to soup.

★ Tempuraoba (warm mushrooms) (¥ 1,200)
Tempura of Mai Mushi from Minamikuba and a set of hot soba that can taste simple and taste best buckwheat ♡

Even if you eat as it is, even if you soak in soup and eat, both are delicious best! !

And, we were hungry we took pictures of the menu with Sokko · · ·

Buckwheat noodles are fresh! So eat quickly ...

Even if I have a big mouth, I can not eat it in a bite size BIG! ! ! While being touched by the size of such tempura of mai ...

A full smile.

(* I am sorry that the image is rough because it cuts out from all the videos ..)

Anyway it was delicious, both Max and Kaji were very satisfied. Warm warm soba in winter is the best! ! !

By the way, I found such a wonderful pillar right next to your bill.
What ... It continued to support the building for 120 years, because many people were touched, the color changed only in one place!

Of course, I also clung to the pillar. I hope that there is something good. .

At Hanami Aoki, this winter limited "Sharp spicy gourmetAlso holding it, so also here