[Tentative series planning] Until beginner campers go to solo camp ~ Preparation section ~

Hello. It is Morinaga of SMO South Aomori. My hobby is reading mobile cartoons, my favorite place is kotatsu.

Such a meal, recently I got a new hobby.
It is a bonfire.

If you like to see the fire, you will feel misunderstood in many ways, but gradually increasing the size of the small flame, raising the fire, looking at the flames of flames will calm you very much. It is a entertainment which can not be easily done in the city.

I am secretly enjoying a bonfire at home, but as I got used to it I began to think that "I want to burn more, I would like to do something using a bonfire!" With that extension, we are interested in camping and gradually arranging camping equipment. By the way, the bonfire table was sized for snow peaks considering the carrying.

So this time Morinaga goes to camp this time. I think that I would like to introduce things that have been arranged in various ways.

What are beginner campers?


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First of all, I bought it first. It is Trilium hammock. If there are three trees, you can put a hammock in the air. Great fashion!

However, if you think carefully, there are not places where three trees grow so conveniently, and now we are using it as a kids space for events and other occasions.

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What did you grill this #WeberWeekend? 🔥⠀ 📷 credit: @overthefirecooking ⠀

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And then the next Weber barbecue grill was purchased.

I also tried arranging the tools to properly charcoal. Low temperature cooking is possible by covering and it is a tool that spreads the width of the barbecue as the meat burns as it is because it can adjust the fire power. However, this barbecue grill is terrible and inconvenient to carry around ....

By doing so, we will use it as an application to bake meat during the event etc.

By the way, Weber is really user friendly and it is convenient for baking meat so I bought a small one separately.

▼ Weber barbecue grill from here

Tent buys this circus cotton. Easy to set up, I like it quite a lot, but when I suddenly notice, the feeling is "a little wide for one person" is a flaw in the ball.

▼ purchase circus cotton from here

I finally realized that "Large is not small"

Through twists and turns, I will introduce the tools that are about to go to solo camp now. By the way, I am introducing easy to set up etc, but I am trying it in my garden at home.

First of all tent. It was light, easy to set up, and the price was bargain, so I made it a red panda of Ten Maku Design. With inner is within 15000 yen! Easy to set up and do it slowly 5 Quartile! I am satisfied except color.

Try sticking like this. Because I am practicing to stretch many times at home, the setup is perfect.

The interior of the tent is also quite large! It's hard to communicate with photos, but even if you put wide cot, there is more than half the space!

Tarp worried a lot but eventually I made it to the Musasabi wing bonfire ver of the iron plate Ten Maku Design. I did not read it properly, so I was impatient with no pole or peg, but I replaced it with what was in Komery. By the way, I knew it, but it seems that people in the industry say "pegur" to hit pegs.

I want to spend comfortably when I go to bed! So I made Kot a wide guy. By the way, as I can not sleep when the pillow changes, I am worrying about what to do with the pillow at the moment.

Because the cot seemed a little cold with mesh material, mattress too. Collapsing feels good!

It is the regulator stove of this Soto (SOTO) that Ichiban is satisfied among the small items bought variously. Even though it's quite small, if you have a cassette cylinder and a kore, you can boil hot water and you can make a pot. For now. I use it to boil hot water for cup ramen.

I thought that a small, light heat resistant table ... ... here it is. It folds, it is light and strong. I am using it for making a cup ramen for now.

Stand to use with Soto's stove. It is small and convenient to fold. Use it to boil water. As an impression, although it is okay, it will stabilize if there is, but it may be better to be there.

Speaking of camping is hot sand! Because I have a funny belief that I bought a hot sandmaker. It's made by Tsubame Sanjo, and it's fashionable with a pattern when baked. I almost never eat bread, but I ate 3 times bread because I wanted to use kore. Baked with ham and cheese between 8 breaded bread 2 sheets, it is recommended to bake with ketchup and mayonnaise. By the way, I often use it at the house gas stoves.

The chair for bonfire is Heliknox. He was floating and turned red. First of all, are these light and okay? What? I thought that, except stability, excellent sense of stability.

Although it is a solo camp, I also bought a chair of 2 people cheat uselessly because a nice beautiful woman might come to visit the tent.

Lantern is troubling and makes folding lantern of Soto. It is the decision point that it can be used with CB can instead of white gasoline. Also, I thought that it was convenient to carry (I felt like that).

What about sleeping bags? I am worried about my troubles, but I would like to arrange them by spring.

in conclusion

Although it became an article like an introduction of shopping completely, from now on training will be repeated at home at long in the winter and around spring camp around a lot of camping places in Minamioguni-machi, I will try to solo camp a lot I think I want to do. Please talk to me when I see a man in a red tent in Minamioguni-cho.

see you!