Those who want a little stimulation must-see! ! Nanikore you found in Aso · Ogikuni Towns? ! Introduction of Hot Springs (※ Updating from time to time)

Hello! It's Kaji-chan!

It is getting cold in earnest in January ... Although it is said to be a warm winter, the temperature in the morning and evening is minus in Minamioguni-machi mostly. .

The way I warm up the most quickly, that isI will soak in warm hot water!
Very simple, but after all this is the best. (Lol)

In "Oguni Township" together with Minami Oguni Town and the neighboring Oguni Town, there are 13 hot spring spaces in a minute division and you can warm somewhere 24 hours at any time.

This time, even among such hot springs "It is not enough for ordinary hot springs ..." I really want you to read such stimulation! !

Small country townNannicore? ! Jin Hot SpringWe introduce \ (^^) /

And this time ... I'm a self-styled chubby group Kaji-chan and another curator founders actually entered the hot springs! We have attached "rare level" which I felt by seeing the real thing, so please refer if you do not mind!

■ Ryokan Hanamura (Rare Level: ★ ☆☆)

Oda hot spring area where the landscape of satoyama remains more prominent even in Minami-Oguni Town.

The "Ryokan Hanamura"Is a very nice residence standing dignifiedly in the vast site of about 4000 tsubo and having a bath all in all the 16 guest rooms.

Having reception at the reception and walking along the aisle next to the garden ...

There is a guide plate of your hot spring.

cave···? ! That's right! ! The unusual hot spring in this inn is here!

Cave bath! ! ! ! ! What a fantastic atmosphere. It is warm and covered with steam.
As the wind is coming down, it looks like a sauna that you can relax!

Also, the interior of the cave is spacious and I feel almost no clogging feeling! Even if a person stands up, worry that the head hits the head is useless and the ceiling is also expensive!

Among many cave baths, there are not many wide caves so far!

And, in the back of the cave there is a hole that can escape outside, and as you pass through it, there is a covered hot spring here!

If you are satisfied, go through like this and go into the cave again. I am excited somehow.

By the way, the cave bath seems to be setting the temperature a little lukewarm, so if you want to warm up still more ~, there is also a large public bath in front of the cave bath just outside!

Please feel at ease relaxing while feeling a feeling of opening ♪

The feature of this hot spring is "Metasilicate"It is said that the value of ingredients that are said to have a high skin moisturizing effect is extremely high, and if it is usually contained in 1kg or more in hot springs 100kg, it is considered sufficient, 3mg or more of that 300 times is included It is !!

Even without bathing a body cream, your skin moisturizes \ (^^) / ♡
And, because it scarcely scents of sulfur, I like hot springs but I am a bit weak in the scent of sulfur ... Recommended for those who like it!

Cave Plus α, please expect the effect of hot springs, please enjoy the cave exploration!

▽ Information on drop-in at Oda Onsen is here ▽