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Those who want a little stimulation must-see! ! Nanikore you found in Aso · Ogikuni Towns? ! Introduction of Hot Springs (※ Updating from time to time)

Hello! It's Kaji-chan!

It is getting cold in earnest in January ... Although it is said to be a warm winter, the temperature in the morning and evening is minus in Minamioguni-machi mostly. .

The way I warm up the most quickly, that isI will soak in warm hot water!
Very simple, but after all this is the best. (Lol)

In "Oguni Township" together with Minami Oguni Town and the neighboring Oguni Town, there are 13 hot spring spaces in a minute division and you can warm somewhere 24 hours at any time.

This time, even among such hot springs "It is not enough for ordinary hot springs ..." I really want you to read such stimulation! !

Small country townNannicore? ! Jin Hot SpringWe introduce \ (^^) /

And this time ... I'm a self-styled chubby group Kaji-chan and another curator founders actually entered the hot springs! We have attached "rare level" which I felt by seeing the real thing, so please refer if you do not mind!

■ Ryokan Hanamura (Rare Level: ★ ☆☆)

Oda hot spring area where the landscape of satoyama remains more prominent even in Minami-Oguni Town.

The "Ryokan Hanamura"Is a very nice residence standing dignifiedly in the vast site of about 4000 tsubo and having a bath all in all the 16 guest rooms.

Having reception at the reception and walking along the aisle next to the garden ...

There is a guide plate of your hot spring.

cave···? ! That's right! ! The unusual hot spring in this inn is here!

Cave bath! ! ! ! ! What a fantastic atmosphere. It is warm and covered with steam.
As the wind is coming down, it looks like a sauna that you can relax!

Also, the interior of the cave is spacious and I feel almost no clogging feeling! Even if a person stands up, worry that the head hits the head is useless and the ceiling is also expensive!

Among many cave baths, there are not many wide caves so far!

And, in the back of the cave there is a hole that can escape outside, and as you pass through it, there is a covered hot spring here!

If you are satisfied, go through like this and go into the cave again. I am excited somehow.

By the way, the cave bath seems to be setting the temperature a little lukewarm, so if you want to warm up still more ~, there is also a large public bath in front of the cave bath just outside!

Please feel at ease relaxing while feeling a feeling of opening ♪

The feature of this hot spring is "Metasilicate"It is said that the value of ingredients that are said to have a high skin moisturizing effect is extremely high, and if it is usually contained in 1kg or more in hot springs 100kg, it is considered sufficient, 3mg or more of that 300 times is included It is !!

Even without bathing a body cream, your skin moisturizes \ (^^) / ♡
And, because it scarcely scents of sulfur, I like hot springs but I am a bit weak in the scent of sulfur ... Recommended for those who like it!

Cave Plus α, please expect the effect of hot springs, please enjoy the cave exploration!

▽ Information on drop-in at Oda Onsen is here ▽

【Basic information】Rainbow in the four seasons
Address: Minosuoguni-machi, Aso-gun Minshūji temple 5850
Phone number: 0967-44-0088
Business hours: 11: 30 am - 9: 00 pm
Destination fee: 500 yen
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Ryokan Yunomori (rare level: ★ ★ ☆)

Hot spring spot area next to Kurokawa Onsen, Hara Hara area.

It opened in the Kamakura period and prospered as a hot spring resort in the Edo period, now there are four inns. It is a small spa town, but its old nostalgic atmosphere has remained.

And in the summer many fireflies danced along the Haragawa River and it is popular enough to tour!

Located at the entrance of such a hot spring area of ​​such a "Yuushimitsu Ryokan'

The unusual hot spring which enters here is here!

Have you seen this form somewhere? ···That's right! This is the shape of a ring ring!

that name as well"Dirty bath"!

Her husband's inn is watching sumo wrestling on TV and making it "inspired !!!" and making it!

When I heard that it was a nice bath, I tried to do something tedious

Try imitating the handwriting's work

I want to do various things! Even this alone is so much fun! !
Not only is it fun, but because it is sourced from the source, you can taste fresh hot water as much as you want ♡

Incidentally, tags showing the order of entering hot springs are evenly distributed! ! ! This is the master's hand!

There was also a ranking at the changing room! I have a lot of work to do ~.

By the way, another popular bath in Yuumonosu ...

I made it with a big pineIchimatsu Cherry Blossom Bath"!
Hand made bath made by your husband using chainsaw! A dexterous master!

Both baths have a strong impact, so popular enough to flood the TV and magazine interviews! As I enter it actually, the tension rises!

These two hot springs can only be used by those staying in the inn, so please come and stay by all means ♪

【Basic information】Yuushimitsu Ryokan
Address: 7152-2 Minamioguni-machi Misenji Temple in Aso County
Phone number: 0967-44-0231
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Konoyu (rare level: ★ ★ ☆)

Jalan Kyushu version "I want to go to hot spring area ranking 2019 again" I won first place, now I like Hot Springs and I do not know anyone who knows Kurokawa Onsen.

("※ Yukari Akari" is held mainly in the Kurokawa Onsen area until March 31!)

"Kurokawa Onsen Ichi Ryokan" is raised, each ryokan is a room, the road is a corridor, the concept of one inn in a spa town, a cityscape with a sense of unity, and an old-fashioned atmosphere spa town. Even people who visited for the first time feel gentle like they are saying "Welcome back".

Speaking of Kurokawa Onsen, "bathing bills" that can visit three outdoor baths of their favorite inns are very famous, but there are rare hot springs that you can enter using the bills.

Kurokawa Onsen Located in a location not less than 5 minutes' walk from the townRyokan Konoyu. "

Outside the inn, there are also footbaths available to anyone!

Outdoor bath is very spacious, surrounded by trees, healing degree MAX! !

What the hell is this hot spring in here? ! !

At first glance, it seems that there is only one stick in a hot spring with a fine view · · ·

When Kajio of 150 cm tall enters

You are not sitting in this state! It is upright and this depth.

Alright, going to the back ...

It has disappeared.

The hot spring here has a depth of 160 cm! ! ! ! !Depth is Japan's bestWhat is it! ! ! ! ! ! !
※ It is usually for men only, but this time I took a special bath to tell you the depth.

For ladies we have a depth of 130 cm, so please be relieved.

Spring quality is weakly alkaline simple hot spring. Because it is a mild undisturbed water, it is a friendly hot spring even for sensitive skin people!
Please immerse yourself in a hot spring in a cold winter so please warm it up properly \ (^^) /

【Basic information】Such hot water
Address: Misatoji Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun 6784
Phone number: 0967-48-8700
Drop-off hot water reception time: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Price: 600 yen
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Pure Japanese style Ryokan Izumiya (rare level: ★ ★ ★)

Next to Minami Ooguni-machi, Shikancho hot spring area in Oguni-machi.

In this area, the temperature of the source is very high, 98 degrees, steam rises from everywhere, characteristic of emotional streets like THE hot spring district.

I think that there are many people who knows that "Koinobori Festival" where a lot of carp streamers every year swims over the Shinagawa River.

Established in the center of such a shinyu spa town boasting of the history of 140 year "Pure Japanese style Ryokan Izumiya'

Even in some baths this time, the popular "Ishigami bath"What!
I was surprised to leave the doors of hot springs! A towering huge stone and a large tub. In this spacious space I was outstanding.

Because salt fountain, it is difficult to cool the bathtu with gentle melt, and I introduced "Metasilicate"Also contains 260mg, so beauty effect is also great expectation!

And if you wash your hair in a hot spring, I think whether the image is strong, but when I wash my hair in this hot spring, my hair gets moistened and I do not get cranky! ! !

Well, when saying something, such a lovely Izumiya 's rare hot spring is here!

Hmm? If this is the only thing, I do not know what is "rare".

How about this picture?

The head of Kaji-chan? ! ···wrong. This will sit down and enter "Hot waterWhat is it! Have you ever seen Mushishu? !

Although it became a little surreal photograph, it is somewhat relieved because the face is out. It is easy to breath, I can take it easy.

With inside like this you can change the type and height of the chair according to your height.

If the temperature of the source is high in Shikasen Hot Springs! The source is flowing under this wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is dull with its steam! Unlike the sauna, no sweat left, so after getting out of Musashi your skin is smooth! !
I was surprised by youthfully smoothly after my rough, underestimated skin rose from Musashi ♡

There are still many nice effects. If you have a rhinitis or a stuffy nose, something with sore throat or cough does not stop sucking steam from the mouth, steam is good for the bronchus so it can be expected to improve the symptoms ♪ It is a good thing to do! !

Mizushima of the face-up type is popular in Izumiya, but each inn in the Shikade Onsen area has Mushishu and you can enjoy it anywhere, so please try to find your favorite "Musume" by all means \ (^ ^) /

By the way ... Steaming place before the eyes of the inn!

About ten steps there, there was a locker containing a set of eggs and vegetables recommended for steamed dishes!

If you enter the hot spring and have a small stomach free, you may well enjoy steamed dishes here!
Mushyu and steamed food as well! Please enjoy both!

【Basic information】
Pure Japanese style Ryokan Izumiya
Address: Aosu-gun Oguni-machi Shimojo 4179
Phone number: 0967-48-0021
Drop-off hot water reception hours: 9 AM - 8 PM
Price: Adult 500 yen / Child 300 yen
Closed: Required confirmation
* There is Mukushima of the face-up type "Shiogaku Bath", men and women change daily.
(Female → odd day / male → even days)
【Official HP】

■ Minshidema Onsen Kawayu (Rare Level: ★★★)

It is near the entrance of the Manganji area in Minamioguni-machi, and it has been very popular in TV and magazines and boasts a nationwide popularityKawawata"!

As it reads, it is "Yu" in the river!

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a river any longer. The road normally passes by the road. .

Looking at the spa when entering the hot spring is like this.

A sense of distance the eyes meet with the person walking. Very exciting! ! !

By the way, washing places of vegetables and dishes are right next to the hot springs where people enter, so take care not to enter here!

And when bathing please be sure to put 200 yen in the price box ~!

This time, I ordered various models for various models, but as I was refused, my wishes have never ceased.

The sense of distance that it is likely to reach the river if you extend your hand. It is really close to the river!

Temperature is slightly 40 degrees so it's not too hot, not too wet, just right. It was a temperature that I wanted to make a long hot water.

And I took a lot of hot water with my condition, so I warmed up a bit.

Although I was born and raised in Minamikosito, I am secretly thinking that this feeling of opening may be unexpectedly addictive, after entering Kawayuto for the first time (I have avoided until now) at this age.

By the way, the local lady knitting bamboo made the ball lantern is beautiful "Yu Akari" is also held for a limited time! Please have the courage in fantastic Kawatani only for this period! Please come in!

In addition, the spring quality is a simple hot spring! It is the spring quality that springs most in Japan, stimulation is little, it is hot water that is friendly to all people, please enjoy it certainly ♡

▽ details of 川 川 here ▽

【Basic information】
Momentsu Onsen Kawaguchu
Address: Misanji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)
Drop-off hot water reception: 24 hours
Destination fee: 200 yen
Closed holiday: Not available when river rises

We will keep updating from time to time as soon as we discover the unusual hot springs, so please look forward to it (^^) / ♡


Kaji-chan Born and raised is a small country. A self-styled chubby girl who reached the greatest weight of life at 26 years old. After living 8 years in Fukuoka, I came back to Minamioguni Town. Of course you like high-calorie food and shochu. Everyday struggling day to day to be a specialist and idol in Minamioguni-machi · · ·

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Kaji-chan Born and raised is a small country. A self-styled chubby girl who reached the greatest weight of life at 26 years old. After living 8 years in Fukuoka, I came back to Minamioguni Town. Of course you like high-calorie food and shochu. Everyday struggling day to day to be a specialist and idol in Minamioguni-machi · · ·

  • 105
  • 38