Is there a cloud sea in Aso? Introduction of the "Unkai camera" which shows live.

Hello. It is Morinaga in SMO South Aomori.

Suddenly, everyone, have you seen the sea of ​​clouds?

"The sea of ​​clouds" is the state where the upper side seems to spread like the sea when looking down at the clouds from a high place, in English it is just "the sea of ​​clouds" which is expressed as "sea of ​​clouds". Although it is easy to see from the windows of the airplane, it is a phenomenon which we rarely see as long as we live in town normally.

It is said that it is important that various conditions overlap in the occurrence of the sea of ​​clouds. In brief explanation, the radiant cooling first lowers the temperature near the surface of the ground, the water vapor in the air condenses and fog occurs. And it is said that it is important to have various conditions such as the topography of the basin where the fog tends to accumulate and the weak wind, and the high humidity from the previous day and the rapid decrease of the temperature.

Roughly summarizing,

1. Abrupt temperature change in the morning and evening and during the day
2. There is moderate moisture (humidity)
3. Gentle climate without wind

It is said that the sea of ​​clouds is apt to occur when the 3 conditions are satisfied.

But even though I got up early to see the sea of ​​clouds, I went out, "The sea of ​​clouds did not occur ..." is common. That's why I spend a fresh morning, but I live in the Aso area has also swung a number of times. Does not it manage something .... I thought, but I managed somehow!

"Unkai camera" appears in the Aso area!

This time, it was set up at 2 place of 'Sanumi Kogen Hotel' in 'Minami Aso village' Kumamoto prefecture outdoor theater aspector 'and in the book highland of Minasekocho cho.

If you use this camera, you know that "Oh, now the sea of ​​clouds is occurring!" In real time.

Here, although it is a picture of a live camera at normal times,

When you can see the sea of ​​clouds appearing like this

When climbing to a place with a high altitude such as the Tama mountain observatory, you can observe the sea of ​​clouds like this.

▼ Unkai camera from here

In the Aso area boasting one of the world's leading calderas, it has a basin terrain with an ideal fog tend to accumulate for the occurrence of the sea of ​​clouds and is known as a representative cloud sea spot in Japan. The reason for popularity is that it is possible to see the sea of ​​clouds from the drive route, the resting place, etc, from the ease of being able to see the sea of ​​clouds as soon as you get off the car. At the end of the clouds is Aso Goryakudai. Many people visit the Aso area early in the morning to see the magnificent scenery created by nature.

By all means, please feel free to enjoy the clouds of Aso.