Winter gourmet complete guide of Aso / Minamikogoku! Cospa From the most powerful lunch to reward lunch, introduce local cuisine and sweets at once!

Hello! She is a professional sickly changer who always takes pictures of food even in private!

Every day a cold day continues, but also on a day off with a kotatsu ... Does not anyone spend a holiday? !

If humans are to eat delicious food, footwork will be lighter and you can go anywhere! ! (The thought of Kaji-chan? Haha)

A reward for myself who went out while it was cold! ! So, in Minamioguni - machi this winter recommended "Winter gourmet"We introduce it as a series!

From 1st round to 5th round, and even hot spicy gourmet! Please enjoy your favorite winter gourmet according to the schedule and time of your travels!

■ Winter gourmet in Minamikuba

★ First bullet ★ The easy lunch for the trip was decided on this. Cospa best! Udon noodle 4 selections you can eat in Aso / Minamikikoku!
→ You can enjoy a variety of flavors with ingredients and dashi, even if you say a bite with udon! Introduction of the most powerful Udon noodles in South Africa.