【Nationwide deployment support project】 Summary of special products under development in Minamioguni-machi

Hello! It's Kaji-chan!

Suddenly, it is a riddle.

When I travel, I do not have a journey, but I do have something on my way home.

· · ·

That's right!Souveniris! ! ! Lol

Whether it can be said that this is a mystery or the like is left and everyone goes on a trip, you can not buy anywhere, do not you want to buy souvenirs unique to that area?

At Minami Ogikitamachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, make souvenirs unique to Minami Ogikubara Town! So, 2 years ago we conducted questionnaires and surveys on the Internet, and we have been working toward realization.

Repeat trials many times ...

Oh, it is not even like this ... While giving opinions in various ways ...

Everyone who came to sightseeing, and those who live far away, I want you to feel the South Korean country through a souvenir! With the thought that I took time, I made it politely.

That time this timeSouvenirs unique to Minamioguni-machiIntroduction at once! !

■ Ultimate Melan Promise Premium

Located in the center of Minamioguni-machi, there is a history of founded 27 years "Tea chestnut bowl of apple. "

The "ultimate mezzanine" sold there is so popular that it also sells 1 days 10,000 pieces! !
This time in such a popular melon bun up a notchPremiumI made it!

Handmade carefully with natural yeast one by one carefully, thicken cookie dough, use 100% wheat "Hokkaido" produced by Hokkaido! Yotsuba butter also uses 100%, eggs are used more than usual, the crispy feeling of the cookie dough and the feeling of the dough in the inside become a habit. It is an unforgettable taste once you eat sweetness not persistent.

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■ Soba Ice

Located in front of Kurokawa Onsen, the original hot spring area of ​​the field where old-faced satoyama landscapes are remarkable.

Soba shop of prosperous shop in such hot spring area of ​​the field "Sara (Shara)"But, more easily, and made with so many people wanting to enjoy soba noodlesSoba Ice.

Slightly fragrant soba flavor, crisp and fragrant soba noodles are outstanding compatibility!

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■ Sweet Sake Ice

Located in the prefecture border between Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture, Minamioguni-machi town located at 430m from the altitude 945m of Aso Raise and Kuju Mountain Range. Seven big and small rivers flowing in the mountains as the source of the Chikugo River, blessed with water and green, the rice made of pure rural areas is superb.

Sweet alcohol made with such exquisite rice is said to be "drip infusion", and the same nutrients as intravenous drip prescribed at hospital etc!

As you can eat sweet liquor with great expectation of health benefit anytime, anywhere. And, a little bit of the taste of sweet alcohol itself ... I made it so that you can enjoy with various flavors with a sense of dessert!

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■ Red beef tomato curry

Established in Minamioguni-machi, with pickles specialty store boasting a history of more than 70 years "Hirano Shoten. "

A pickle shop Hirano shop trial-and-error to make something suitable for something other than pickles, a finished dish.

To the umami of the persistent meat that is unique to beef cattle, exquisitely matches the acidity and sweetness of thick tomatoes!

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■ Small Country Jersey Milk White Curry

As well, Asaka beef tomato curry as well, a dish boasting of a pickle sushi plain store.

Using small country Jersey milk which is also a representative special product of Oguni Township, it is a rich but tasty flavor, you can feel the spicyness of the curry firmly, it is a curry that is slightly elegant taste!

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■ Spinach pound cake

When entering Minami-sikokucho from Aso direction, the shop where we will meet you for the first time is "Flower Tang Dictionary. "

It is a restaurant of tofu cuisine with plenty of seasonal vegetables in handmade tofu of domestic soybean 100% making with traditional kettle cooking recipe.
There is a dessert menu that continues to be loved by 25 years with such flower Tang marksSpinach pound cake.

We use plenty of spinach from South Korea and use aluminum-free baking powder as material too, it is an excellent pound cake made from sticking out sticking!

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■ Yakkome (grilled rice)

It was handy as a preserved food and an emergency food from ancient times in Minamioguni-machi, a rice field, and it was made for every family as if it were "Yakkome (grilled rice)"

Mr. Horikawa proudly boasted of making 20 years or more to make food culture rich and disappear as we change the era, not to stop food culture.

You can eat as it is, you can substitute granola style or crouton, you can arrange various, it is a dish that adds color to the table!

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■ Miutake cracker

Hirano store which mainly handles pickles introduced in curry. Actually, I am also handling many souvenirs such as box candy which is sold in Minamikoso.

In order to create a souvenir that can only be purchased in South Aomori, let's use the special products of the South Korean country! That is why the production system is established in the Kyushu district is precious only in Minami Oguni Town and Shimabara in NagasakiMiyakeAnd using rice from the South Korean country, I made the best rice cracker for the souvenir that I have a long day!

The flavor of maikake is intact, rice grain feeling is irresistible, it is rice cracker which becomes addictive if you eat once!

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■ Takamine soup cracker

Speaking of Aso 's local cuisine, there are a lot of people who think of taka.

Hirano shop with a pickle picked up more pickles and made it easier for many people to eatTanpaki cracker.

The rice cracker made from the four materials of precious Kyushu made from high-quality Kyushu, rice oil and salt whose shipment number is decreasing year by year due to the aging of the production farmers in rice in a delicious Minami-sikoku town is tasteful of tender taste It is one dish!

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■ Meat of rice meal

I want to eat it when I come to Aso! I thinkRed beef cattleIs not it?

A pickle shop Hirano shop trial and error, not only for pickles but also "I can make something suitable for rice", and it was "Meat of rice. "

I want you to eat delicious and healthy bean cow at ease at home. That's why I cooked cooked rice for easy cooking!

Delicious cooked rice packed with delicious meat and taste. Please enjoy the grace of Aso at home!

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■ Summary

How was a souvenir unique to Minami Ooguni-cho (* ^^ *)?

We are currently proceeding with procedures so that you can purchase it on the SHOP page of SMO Minami Akita so please wait for a while now!

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