I want to eat delicious things without concern for weight! Can you make such a wish? ! I went to a healthy restaurant 'Hanji Tang'.

Suddenly, I will say hello here!
Nice to meet you! I'm intern at SMO South Small Country from 2 month.

From now on, it will be a short period of time until the end of 3, but I will try to bring out the unknown charm of the South Minor Country. Thank you very much!

That's the first post. Pounding!

By the way, I have come to the south small country and XNUM week has passed, but life just eating delicious things continues.

The most scary thing is the weight scale now. Still I want to eat rice full! While the feeling of increasing
Therefore, to familiar Kojichan at a small country foodieThere are healthy and delicious shops!"Tell me," I immediately rushed!

■ Healthy restaurant "Hana Tang"

This is Hana Dofu! As the name suggests, it is a tofu restaurant which is located at the entrance when you come to Minamioguni from Aso.

At the front door, a hand-drawn signboard welcomed me. Tasteful characters are fashionable.

The interior of the shop was unified with easy-colored wood, and the space that felt warmth was expanding.

There is also a shop corner with a large selection of items in the store. If it is okara cake, it will not be fat if you eat it!

Here are the sashimi and tofu. Sashimi Tofu is perfect for souvenirs because you can take it home at normal temperature!

There are also specialties such as Kamabuki Tofu and juicy deep-fried tofu, which can be purchased for take-away.

The pottery lined up with

There are many handmade products such as clothes and bags.
You can feel the craftsman's hand with your skin because each shape and design is slightly different.
The food I ordered while I was visiting the shop and taking photos with Pasachasa arrived!

First, it is here that Kaji-chan asked.

★ 膳 (¥ X NUM X)
Repeat rate No. X NUM X menu which Mr. regular chooses!
This Okara croquette is full of vegetables as well as Okara, and it is excellent for eating! !
Outside clothes are sucks! You can enjoy the texture well!

And here is what I asked for!

★ Limited quantity flower lunch set (¥ 1,300)
You can choose main dishes for this flower lunch set.
This tofu hamburger menu is very popular with women! A healthy but healthy food is a popular secret.

By the way, it is Mato tofu of Higo red beef that the popularity of men is high. The taste of the red beef and miso is condensed, and the rice is a piece of susum!

This hamburger, domestic soybean 100 tofu is used.
Even if I eat it, I feel no guilt because it is tofu. As it is also sold as a takeaway product, it can be delicious at home.

There are many side dishes on the salad plate! As for the ingredients, we use those from Kumamoto, mainly those locally grown.
I can eat many kinds of side dishes at once, so I want to eat them too! Especially recommended for Mr. Greed.

By the way, you can also eat boiled tofu and shiitake mushrooms as a side dish of rice! Shabby tofu and sweet and spicy shiitake are the best matches for white rice. Shiitake mushroom is small in size and has no smell, so it was actually delicious even if I was not good at Shiitake mushroom!

In addition, you can of course buy it at this store, but you can also sell it at the general product center Kiyorasa of Minamioguni-cho! Please buy it by all means!

Finally, soy milk pudding for dessert. The mellow soy milk and the refreshing scent of Yuzu and Daidai skin are perfect.
The texture is very easy to eat, so here is also Pelori! The other 3 was likely to be eaten.

Please take a look, this happy face. I was very happy that I could eat a tofu dish full of lunch!

■ Conclusion

How about a healthy lunch menu of Hanukadoku?

Hand-made tofu made with domestically produced soybeans and clean water from southern Japan.
Please go to Hana-Dan where you can enjoy such a proud tofu!

In addition, the menu where winter-limited red cows are used for flower tangs! ! Here is an article I want to eat before winter is over!