Feel free to enjoy the hot spring feeling? ! Introduce five foot spots at Kurokawa Onsen at a glance!

Hello, Shino!

Minami-Okokuchi town's marriage spot! Only in Japan, two river waterfalls are the ones at Maru Waterfalls seen at the confluence.
In the wilderness, my smallness stands out more ...

What surprised me when I came to Minami-Okuni-cho is, of course, the grandeur of nature, but also the number of hot spring resorts! The Kurokawa Onsen, where there are 6 hot spring resorts in the town alone, and where 100 tourists visit a year, is so popular that there are no hot spring lovers now!

And! Kurokawa Onsen is not only a regular hot spring, but actuallyFoot bathI was impressed by the fact that they were fulfilling.

A ryokan with footbath is surrounded by blue XNUM.
As ryokans are feeling of distance of 10 minutes on foot, we can do anything to visit footbath!

So first of all! I will tell about the sound of footbath!

■ Recommend footbath

Kurokawa Onsen has a total of 7 types of spring quality.
The footbath to be introduced from now on can experience the blue 3 spring quality!

Also, the best effect of footbath isWarming the legs improves circulation of the whole body bloodThat.
Furthermore, I can expect various symptom improvement such as cold and stiff neck.

And! I'm glad, Kurokawa Onsen's footbath is almost free! It is the ultimate of happiness that you can warm up for free.

By the way, when going to footbath, please come with easy-to-roll pants and skirts.
Let's be careful not to put clothes in footbath!

Finally, after entering footbath, it is recommended to take your own towel to wipe your feet! If you are not ready, you can also buy at the inn's reception, so rest assured (* ^^ *)

Then go to Kurokawa foot bath, let's go!

■ Ryokan Yamakawa

Here is the inn Yamakawa in the map above.
When we came to Kurokawa Onsen from the Kumamoto city area, it is the first inn located!

Footbath space which becomes hut.

There is a hearth on the other side of the footbath, so the whole area is surrounded by the nostalgic smell of bonfire.

The footbath here is a simple spring, so there are few ingredients that stimulate the skin!
People who have weak skin and have a spring that can safely put in children.

It was a foot bath at the ryokan Sankawa that you want to stay for a long time in a calm atmosphere.

[Basic information] Ryokan Yamakawa
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 6961-1
Telephone number: 0967-44-0906
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Konoyu

The next is 2 Kotonoyu. If you climb a little slope, you will see a big signboard.

Footbath here is a weakly alkaline simple spring. Recommended for those who are concerned about cold or muscle aches!

By the way, Kotoyu's footbath is characterized by being surrounded by a large stone.

The depth is up to the ankle.
It feels like it's rocky, but it feels good with a slightly different feel than wood!

[Basic information] Ryokan Konoyu
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minosaiji 6784
Telephone number: 0967-48-8700
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Yamanoyu

Next is 3 Yamanoyu. It is an inn in the middle of the Kurokawa Onsen town.

There is a footbath across the road from the entrance of the inn.
※ Footbath is charged here (100 yen). Please pay at the front desk!

The footbath of Yamanoyu is shaped like a hut, so it was full of steam, and it was somewhat hot.
The spring quality is a sulfate spring and is also called rejuvenating hot water!

On the day I visited, I was not able to enter during the cleaning, but the water depth was about below my knee. It is quite deep!

[Basic information] Ryokan Yamanoyu
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 6601-4
Telephone number: 0967-44-0017
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Ikoi Ryokan

This is a 4 ryokan ryokan. It is about 5 minutes on foot from Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Association.

This footbath has a hearth-like atmosphere, with a table in the center, and is characterized by its large number of people!
It is a space where everyone can enjoy talking while entering footbath.

The water depth is slightly above the ankles.
Because it is a weakly acidic spring, it is a footbath that can be enjoyed by both young and old alike.

By the way! The towel sold here is cute and unbelievable.
Since the character of Ikoi inn is included, it may be safe to purchase it for commemorative visit to footbath!

[Basic information] Kurokawa Onsen Ikoi Ryokan
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minosaiji 6548
Telephone number: 0967-44-0552
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Dream Dragon

The last one is Yumerin Doi, located at the entrance to Kurokawa Onsen.

Footbath is on the right side of the inn's entrance!

The bathtub has become a landscape type, and it is a form to bring a chair to a place of your choice.

By the way, the number of chairs is 6. First come, first served! The daytime on weekdays is the target (^ ^) /

The depth is around the middle of the calf.
Because the quality of the spring is a sulfate spring, it is a rejuvenating hot water that appeared earlier!

[Basic information] Yume Ryudon (Yumerindo)
Address: Minamioguni-machi, Aso-gun Minomitsuji 6430-1
Telephone number: 0967-44-0321
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Conclusion

It is a list of footbaths introduced this time.

In addition, please note that the closed day and cleaning time of the inn can not be entered. .

Footbath that can feel the feeling of hot spring easily and casually! Please come in to one of the memories of the trip ♪