【Buckwheat noodles in Oguni Township】 A buckwheat noodle on a soba highway. Basic interview is not accepted! Introduction of buckwheat noodle who can taste freshly prepared fresh items.

Hello! It is Chameleon Kaji-chan who tends to assimilate with nature!

When you go on a trip, you'd like to eat delicious foods that are unique to that land.

There are a variety of eating and drinking establishments in Minamioguni-machi, a sightseeing spot, of which there are the mostSoba shop!

Together with Minami Oguni Town and neighboring Oguni Town "Oguni village"Is rich in green and famous as a famous water treatment.

So there are so many buckwheat shops, in all17 storeThere! And, although it is not a specialty shop, when you match stores with soba in the menu,22 storeThere is also! !

So, I would like to introduce one shop of Oguni Town 's soba shop one by one!

The first memorable shop is basically a shop that refuses to interview media etc.

Actually! I am a former part-time jober of my wife Kaji-chan, so I received a special permission this time!

Please read through by all means!

■ Northern shop along the mountain stream Buki Soba

I asked you, Buckwheat noodles (soba kiri).

The shop is located in Minamioguni - machi, where six buckwheat shops are lined up along the mountains and rivers "Buckwheat Road"It is in the middle of.

Roughly, it is roughly around here!

As we go through the roads surrounded by trees, it may be a little uneasy whether we can arrive without hesitation for the first time.

But please be relieved.

Because such a big sign will welcome you, I will never get lost.

I will go down the slope on the right side.

The mood changes from here and it feels like being invited into the forest.

From the parking lot to the store, walk a little on the path

Arrived at a shop in a calm atmosphere of old private-house style!

There are lots of large windows towards the mountain streams, and both the soba and the scenery can be enjoyed in the shop.

All seats are of type of house. There are six tables and one hearth. You can sit comfortably even if you come by a large number of people.

Soba I ate this time is here!

★ duck and fried vegetable soba ¥ 1,800 (tax included)
Shop owner! And popularity also No. 1! The taste of duck meat and fried vegetables blends into the mushrooms, the flavor of the meat and the sweetness and vegetable sweetness of the vegetables become addictive.

It was enough to think that too much duck meat and vegetables were served readily and it was a waste to eat.

The next is this.

★ Tororama soba ¥ 1,300 (tax included)
Speaking of buckwheat, after all we can not miss it! Moderate stickiness and thickening further complement the taste of buckwheat, and by addition of Dashi, it is a dish that is more tasty and eats with Pelori in a flash.

Finally here.

★ Sakura Prawn Macaroni with Soba ¥ 1,300 (tax included)
The compatibility of the refreshing scented shrimp prawns with refreshing, refreshing grated radish is outstanding!
By the way, it is only here that you can eat Sakura Shrimp on a side road. In Kyushu, shops using Sakura prawns in soba are unusual, so it is a distinct commodity because it is the husband who trained in Nagoya.

By the way, I ate dessert too.

★ Buckwheat ice ice ¥ 300 (tax included)
The fragrance of a small amount of soba is irksome. When you eat ice cream on a crisp fried soba stick ◎! !

Every soba is totally handmade! ! And Dashi sticks to the ingredients, and also handmade this. In the photograph a little dashi may seem dark, but in fact the taste is very suitable for buckwheat, most of the customers drink up to the dish!

After shooting it was all delicious \ (^^) /! !

■ Conclusion

In buckwheat noodles, soba offers only what you hit the day. And since we start cooking after order placement, we can taste everything fresh!

Because we are being cried by two husband and wife, we may get some time to serve meals. However, we cook carefully one by one with the feeling that many customers want to eat delicious soba noodles.

Since holidays are crowded, people wishing to have a relaxing weekday is recommended (* ^^ *)!

I'd love to! Both nature and soba can be enjoyed "Buckwheat noodles"Please visit!

【Basic information】
Shop name: Buckwheat noodle
■ Address: Akasagi Kumamoto Prefecture Minamioguni-machi Red Baba 2890
■ Telephone number: 0967-42-0987
■ Business hours: 11 hours in the morning ~ 5 hours in the afternoon (as soon as the noodles run out)
■ Closed holiday: Every Monday · Tuesday
■ Official website: