[Recipe available] Healthy, sticky and delicious! We introduce charm of rice flour that is kind to body of relief even in wheat allergy!

Hello! It is Shino who is looking up at the gold-pounded cedar of the country designated natural monument.

Overwhelming by the age of X NUM X years of age ... I really look small ...

Well, speaking of the staple food that Japan is proud of, it is rice!
Under such circumstances, it is made from ricerice flourHas been attracting attention in recent years.

Rice flour food was the theme even at the 9 Aso Hometown Food Festival held the other day.
I participated specially, but I was surprised at the attractiveness of rice flour and the abundance of rice flour dishes!

So, this time we will guide you to the world of rice flour!

■ What is the attraction of rice flour?

Rice flour is something that literally shreds rice into powder.
In the old days, the particles were large and rough, but now they are finely crushed and it's easy to mix them with food.

And when you use rice flour, there are lots of good things!

The attraction of rice flour
・ Because it is gluten free, it can be used safely with people who are allergic to flour
・ The absorption rate of oil 20% decreases compared to wheat flour
・ Because of its high water absorbency compared to wheat flour, you can enjoy the sticky and moist texture
・ It is harder to crush than starch powder and easily thickened
・ Natural score such as vitamin B1 and protein

Just using rice flour instead of wheat flour is quite healthy.

Not only sweets but also food and breadAny dishIt is nice point that it is usable.

■ How is rice flour made?

The next step is to introduce the process of rice flour making!

This is a pneumatic crusher. A machine that can reduce the impact of crushing can make finer rice flour!

It is this rice to make rice flour this time. The characters "KUMAMOTO" represent the characteristics of Kumamoto and are cute!

About XNUM X kg plenty of white rice! In the case of brown rice, it will be milled rice and then made into rice flour.

Let's make rice flour right away! To this screw ...

How about rice! And willingly introduce.

In the machine, the fan rotates at high speed, and the rice is crushed when they collide with each other.

And through the fine mesh of eyes, it comes out as rice flour of Sarasara!
If it is XNUM X kg rice, it will turn into rice flour in about X NUM X hours!

■ I want to know the rice flour recipe!

Now, let me introduce one recipe using rice flour!
Shizuko Kawazu of South Small Country Life Study Group was presented at the cultural festival of Aso hometown foodRice flour gnocchi.

○ Materials (for 4 people)
・ Boiled potato (baron) XNUM X g
・ Rice flour XNUM X g
・ Onion (chopped) XNUM X g
・ About 1 cup of tomato sauce
・ Ketchup scoop 2

○ How to make
Crush the boiled potatoes and add rice flour and knead well
Round the dough to the size of your finger, and make a fork with a fork
3. Cut into lengths about 3 centimeters
Boil plenty of hot water and boil 4.
5. In a frying pan, fry the onions until clear, add tomato sauce and entangle with 4
6. Served and ready!

Simple 6 steps so people who are not good at cooking can do it without failing!
A delicious gnocchi with tomato sauce is delicious and delicious (^-^)
You can enjoy different tastes even if you add powdered cheese to your choice!

What is rice flour cooking?

In addition to the rice flour gnocchi introduced above, we will introduce dishes using rice flour!

Soft dumplings made with rice flour.
Rice flour, which contains more water than wheat flour, is perfect for producing a glutinous texture!

Local cuisine of Aso, ragout can also be made with rice flour.
In Kumamoto, dumplings are called "dago". It is a kind of sweet soup with dumplings!

Even rice cake with sweet and sweet potato cake is a pottery.
Because there is a lot of water, it will be finished in a cake that does not pass!

■ Conclusion

South small domestic rice flour is also sold at Minami Oguni Town General Products Center Kiyorakaasa!

Like this, rice flour and bread cakes

Some noodles are made using rice flour!
If there is a rice flour product that can be used easily, it is easy to incorporate it into dishes!

How was the world of rice flour?
The fact is that rice flour is so versatile!
You can also enjoy the different tastes of food that you usually carelessly with rice flour!