Recommended for girls traveling! It is near from Kurokawa Onsen. An introduction to the fashionable cafe "cafe karin" in Aso, a small country that tickles the female mind.

Hello! A liar is Takaji-chan, who is caught in a pinching stone!

It will be coming soon! Spring waiting for you! ! ! ! !
The season when warmth comes back from summer, and sprouts sprout.

Such spring hilarious climate, I would like to go out somewhere ~ I think that many people should (* ^ ^ *)

there! This time, it is in Minamioguni-choNice cafe run by my sister and brotherIntroduce!
As of 12 on weekdays, the parking lot in front of the shop is full, and the inside of the shop is almost full. Very popular store where customers come next to next.

I love cafes and I don't know hereShrimpIt is no exaggeration, though.

We will introduce you to the easy-to-misunderstanding cafe and great lunches, so please be sure to read through to the end!

■ The way to cafe karin

From Route 212 to Nakahara. If coming from Aso turn left. If you come to Oita, turn right.

When you see this sign, be prepared to turn around!

You can see the nursery on the left. Immediately after crossing the pedestrian crossing, turn right onto the path that extends to the right!

This signboard is a mark!

When going along such a road of about 1 kilometer ...

There is a bridge on the way, so turn right from there!

Although the store name of the cafe is not written, this signboard is a mark!

From there, when going forward about 100 meters in idyllic scenery ...

I can see the shop on the left hand side and arrive safely!

The number of turns from a national road is only 3! And there are signs all around the corner, so you should be able to get lost (* ^^ *)!

■ Introduction to cafe karin

A large white door welcomes you.

There are five seats at the table. All the chairs and tables are different in shape, and the light hanging from the ceiling is also fashionable.

In the shop, homemade natural yeast bread and homemade sweets baked with stone can be found.
Campagne and popular for eating bread

(I bake bread every Thursday and Saturday! The probability of being able to get bread near this day is high!)

Scones made of small country jersey milk that is popular nationwide with rich taste

Cookies with nuts, etc .. All delicious baked sweets that seem delicious

I'm just looking at it! I bought scones for my souvenir and returned. Lol

And! karin is not only inside the store, but one of the attractiveness of the terrace seat.
Now it is a little refreshing atmosphere for the season when the green is beautiful

Fresh green season! The terrace taken in 6 month looks like this.

There is no doubt that eating surrounded by nature feels many times as delicious as usual. If it gets warm, please use the terrace seats.

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