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See! listen! Touch it! I feel in the whole body! Introduce the restaurant and tourist spots. South Oguni Town crossing XNUM X DAY plan to enjoy using five senses!


Aso Gozan with Shino!

If you want to enjoy the South Minor Country with all your energy, you must see! !

We introduce Minami-Okokuchi-machi crossing plan this time with full use of the five senses!

First of all, this plan is supposed to move by car!
Please consider the time listed as a guide only.

Well, let's go! !

■ AM11: Enjoy watching 00! Oshido Stone Hill

First of all,SeeHave fun! It is a hill of eeled stone of a rose!
How! The meadow can be overlooked 845 ° from the altitude 360 meters.

The Great Plains protected by the addition of human hands is a masterpiece in the year-round burning.
It is a point of great attention that you can see Mt. Aso with the world's largest caldera!

Also depending on the weather and going early in the morning, such a beautifulsea ​​of ​​cloudsYou can see it!
The fantastic world view of the sea of ​​clouds is a superb view that you want to see once.

【Basic information】Okito stone hill
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

記事 More detailed article of Oshido Stone Hill is here! There is a way to enjoy Oshido Stone Hill more!