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See! listen! Touch it! I feel in the whole body! Introduce the restaurant and tourist spots. South Oguni Town crossing XNUM X DAY plan to enjoy using five senses!


Aso Gozan with Shino!

If you want to enjoy the South Minor Country with all your energy, you must see! !

We introduce Minami-Okokuchi-machi crossing plan this time with full use of the five senses!

First of all, this plan is supposed to move by car!
Please consider the time listed as a guide only.

Well, let's go! !

■ AM11: Enjoy watching 00! Oshido Stone Hill

First of all,SeeHave fun! It is a hill of eeled stone of a rose!
How! The meadow can be overlooked 845 ° from the altitude 360 meters.

The Great Plains protected by the addition of human hands is a masterpiece in the year-round burning.
It is a point of great attention that you can see Mt. Aso with the world's largest caldera!

Also depending on the weather and going early in the morning, such a beautifulsea ​​of ​​cloudsYou can see it!
The fantastic world view of the sea of ​​clouds is a superb view that you want to see once.

【Basic information】Okito stone hill
Address: Nakahara Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

記事 More detailed article of Oshido Stone Hill is here! There is a way to enjoy Oshido Stone Hill more!

■ PM12: Enjoy with 00 tongue! Flower sign

When you walk around on the Oshido Stone Hill, you hear the sound of the belly ringing ...
At that time, there is a recommended restaurant located around 15 minutes from Oshido Stone Hill!

South Minor CountryWith tongueShop to enjoy! It is a flower flower sign (符).
As the name suggests, the tofu is a tofu restaurant, and the tofu made in the small country of southern Japan is excellent!

Such tofu hamburger lunch menu is very popular with women!
A hamburger made with domestic soybean XNUM% tofu is a healthy but outstanding response!

This is okara croquette. A lot of vegetables, too and heart perfect score!
Let's eat and charge energy!

【Basic information】Tang
Address: Minami Ogunimachi Nakahara Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 846-3
Telephone number: 0967-42-0186
Business hours: 10: 00 to 16: 00
Closed: Wednesday

記事 More detailed article of the flower tang is here! Not only cooking but also souvenirs are introduced.

■ PM13: Enjoy by touching 30! Golden mandarin cedar

By the way, when you are satisfied with your stomach, go here for the next!
Stop the car in the joint parking lot of Manganji Onsen, and it will be visible when you walk for about 15 minutes ...

In the south small countryTouchA place to enjoy!
It is a gold-belled cedar of a large country-designated natural monument of the wild boar! How old is 1000 or more!

I like this when I line up next to it. The tree is too big and it's framed out (laughs)

A long time ago, there was a large lightning strike, and the tree split into two, and then a fire etc. occurred, and it was often hit by natural disasters.
However, the protection activities have been carried out by the local people each time and have been carefully protected!

Therefore, when you touch trees, you can feel the power of 1000 years of history from your hands.
It is a spot where the people who protect Kimura sugi and the strong feelings of Kimura sugi that is a symbol of the town are transmitted.

【Basic information】Golden mandarin cedar
Location: Manganji Shizushita Minami Oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone number: 0967-42-1078

毘 Kimura sugi is also introduced in this article. It is also interesting to go around the giant trees of the south small country!

■ PM14: Enjoy listening to 30! Married waterfall

The next thing I got energy from nature is to move ... By car XNUM minutes!

South Minor CountrylistenHave fun! Arrived at the Maru Waterfall
This waterfall is the only river in Japan where you can see two waterfalls together!

If there are 2 waterfalls, the sound of flowing sound will also be multiplied by 2! It is engulfed in gogogo and flowing sound.

Listening to the sound of water is very calm! I was also listening with a stick.

【Basic information】Couple's waterfall
Address: Manshin-ji Temple Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Price: None
Parking: Yes

■ PM15: Enjoy with 30 aroma! Kurokawa Onsen

Well, where your ears have been healed, here's where to head for the next! Moving by car XNUM minutes!

South Minor CountryIn the scentHave fun! It is Kurokawa Onsen of the cape!
Actually, the hot spring area of ​​Kurokawa Onsen does not smell sulfur to that extent ...

(This is a picture of the inn of the ryokan)
Kurokawa Onsen has 7 type of spring quality, and among them, the hot spring with sulfur spring has a strong sulfur smell!

(This is a picture of Yashiki Satoki)
These scents have become sore recently, is it only me who want to smell ...?
You can enjoy the scent that brings out the atmosphere of the hot spring!

As there is time from here to the last starry sky exploration,
Please relax at the hotel's inn and enjoy dinner!

【Basic information】
■ Ryokan Inoui
Address: Kanamoto Prefecture Aso County Minamioguni-machi Daiji Minomitsuji 6630-1
Telephone number: 0967-44-0881
Stop fee: X NUM X yen
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ Satoki of healing
Address: 6403-1, Minami-Okunimachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone number: 0967-44-0326
Stop fee: X NUM X yen
Closed: Required confirmation
【Official HP】

■ PM20: Enjoy watching 00! Hiranodai Kogen Observatory

Click here for the end of the 1 day! When we run car for 10 minutes from Kurokawa Onsen ...

South Minor CountrySeeHave fun! Arrive at the Hiranodai Kogen Observatory in Aoi!
During the day, you can see the magnificent Aso Gozan in this way!

In addition, it is spot called alias "hills of lovers"!
Please come and see this beautiful scenery with your loved ones!

And at night, the atmosphere is reversed, and in the night sky there are full stars.
Hiranodai Observatory has a high altitude of about 900m, and the distance to the stars is close anyway!
And because the lights in the city are low and the air is clear, the stars look so beautiful!

【Basic information】Hirano Takahara Observatory
Address: Mihoji Temple in Minamioguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
For inquiries: 0967-42-1444 (Minamioguni-cho Tourist Association)

■ Conclusion

How was the Minami-Okokuchi Town Crossing Plan for XNUM X Day?
There are still a lot of five sense spots of the South Minor Country that could not be introduced this time!
Customize your plan to your liking and enjoy the South Minor Country fully!

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