[Soba in Okogoto] Taste drums in a luxurious space. Although it is not conspicuous, it is very popular by the repeater one after another. Introduction of famous shop "Shirakawa soba hideout" which really hid.

Hello! It's rumored to be similar to Nico-chan Mark! ?

The second series of Oguni Soba series. This time, a soba restaurant in the Shirakawa area of ​​Minami-Okuni-cho.

Founding 16 year, so that there are regular customers who come one week a week, it will become a trap of the shop "Shirakawa soba hideout"Introduce.

Once you know the taste and atmosphere even once, everyone wants to come back again, and repeaters come out one after another.

We will tell you the charm of such "Shirakawa soba hideout", so please read it by all means \ (^ ^) /

■ The way to metaphor

This shop seems to come out and come out to Navi, exactly as the name of the shopHidingYou ... (laughs)
This time, we will introduce the route with the least number of turns and you will be able to go smoothly, so please refer to it!

First of all, take the National Highway 442 towards Oita.
Pass the gas station at the entrance to Kurokawa Onsen, and turn right when you see the entrance to a large parking lot!

I will go straight along the way like this!

The bus stop of the small hut which comes to the right is visible. From here, turn right and follow the gentle slopes.

By the way, this bus stop also has a large sign of metaphor (* ^^ *)

If you drive a car for XNUM minutes from here, the signboard of the store will be on the riverside! Turn left there!

This signboard is a mark!

A great soba is waiting for you at the end of a slightly smaller thrilling bridge.

(The minivan's family car seemed to be able to afford it!)

The number of turns from a national road is only 3 times before entering a store. If you don't overlook the mark, you can get lost! Actually, it's a surprisingly hard way, so please come with confidence.

■ Introduction of metaphor

A shop with an old-fashioned home-style atmosphere that looks beyond cobblestones.

A wood stove opens when the door is opened. Because the temperature was 9 on this day, the warmth of the fire felt very warm.

It is here that I came to secrecy and was impressed most of all.

This sense of openness at the moment of entering the store. This area for all 7 seats! How to use a luxurious space.

It's really spacious and cozy no matter where you lookTHE healing space.

In the season when the fresh green is beautiful, you can open the window to make it possible to eat. I heard that and swore to come when the season changes again.

It is also Sakai that you can spend time while listening to the serenity of the river just beside the store.

Anyway, it's wide. And there is a lot of openness. Since I came here, I forgot the passage of time, and I was just moved by the scenery I could see.

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