[Soba in Okogoto] Taste drums in a luxurious space. Although it is not conspicuous, it is very popular by the repeater one after another. Introduction of famous shop "Shirakawa soba hideout" which really hid.

■ "Three-star" soba noodles of metaphor

Three layers of delicious soba noodlesThree freshly cookedSpeaking of "Freshened, beaten, boiledIt is three of ".
Clear all three, there is a plush healing space. Soba you can eat in the best combination here.

★ 庵 (Kekurian) ¥ 2,100
It is characterized by becoming a whitish soba so as not to put too much rice cake when sowing the seeds of soba. The appetizer on the platter that uses fresh vegetables from Okogogo also has a large impact. There are many small bowls such as tempura and tofu, and this is a very satisfying volume that will fill your stomach.

As seasonal vegetables are used for appetizers, you can always taste seasonal ingredients.

On the day I visited, the tempura of wild vegetables! The unique taste of Yamana, which I did not know when I was a child, felt very delicious now because I became an adult.

Buckwheat noodles are cooked and eaten with buckwheat berry like a mochi. Taste of soba made with fresh oats and sweet taste of carved vegetables.

Finally, I wanted to eat sweet things to the salmon ... I also got this.

★ Soba ice ¥ 250
Even if you are full of food, you can eat it simmeringly, while it's fragrant while the sweetness of light ice is addicting.

One by one is handmade and everything put in the mouth is delicious. And above all, eating in that space was a great meal that I felt many times delicious.

■ Conclusion

Didn't the shop that is not always in a prominent place convey the reason for being loved so long?

The metaphor was run by a couple and I felt warmth in all of the taste, space and customer service. Everybody thinks that we can surely feel the goodness in the skin once we go (* ^^ *)

Please come to "Shirakawa soba hideout" by all means!

【Basic information】
■ Store name: Shirakawa soba hideout
■ Address: Minami Oguni Town, Aso County Kumamoto Prefecture Minomitsuji 5743
■ Telephone number: 0967-44-0579
■ Business hours: AM X NUM X hour to 5:00 PM (LO PM X NUM X hour X NUM X minutes)
■ Regular holiday: Fixed holiday

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