A female college student in Tokyo lives in Minami-Okokuchi. I do not want to separate from the charm of Minamioguni-cho that I can not know in 1 months and a half.


I am embarrassed and grinning when I was asked to shoot a picture of my usual writing.

By the way, cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom here and there in spring, too.

People who have a new life and a new start from 4 month are also exciting seasons.

Under such circumstances, my southern country life has come to an end.

So, this time, I would like to introduce what I felt and spent in a small country.

Please read it to the end! (^ ^)

■ Every day I felt the warmth of the people of South Minor Countries

The first thing I was surprised to come to the South Minor Country isThe townspeople are very warmThat.

I am surprised when I enter a convenience store and say "Good morning!" Instead of "Welcome!" It feels like you're wondering, "Are you a person you know?"
I never thought that I would say hello at a convenience store.

If you say hello, get acquainted in the blink of an eye. Everyone will talk to you wherever you meet!
I was kind to me from Tokyo, and I also attended events in town and special events that I can not usually enter.

During this period, I have been planning, interviewing, and writing as a curator.
In the first place and experience there were times when I became uneasy, everyone in the town who changes their feelings to peace of mind.
Even if you meet for the first time, it was encouraging that you said, "Always read the articles!"

Anyway, Minami-Okokuchi, where people are kind. I'll use that one word.

■ It is not enough for 1 months and a half to enjoy the south small country!

What I realized when I lived in a small country,1 months and a half is not enough to enjoy the small country!That.

There are many dining places that I have never been to. The tourist spots are not clear.
To be honest, I still have something left to do! That's all, South Minor CountryAttractive townWhat is it?

From here I will introduce the 4 good parts of the small country I felt!

First of all, clean water. This Tateiwa water source is chosen as "100 selections of famous water of Kumamoto Heisei".
Use this water to cook rice and make it plump!

And a number of delicious restaurants. Clear soba made from clean water. A cafe with insta lights.
There are a lot of restaurants in a very wide genre in South Minor Country.

A hot spring that gets tired. In Minami-Okuni-cho, there are Manginji, Ogi, Tanohara, Oda, Shirakawa, Kurokawa and 6 hot spring resorts.
Away from the city, a hot spring surrounded by tranquility gets to the heart.

A beautiful landscape is a must in southern small countries.
There is also a hill where you can overlook Aso Gozan. There is nothing as powerful as the energy available from nature.

It is Minami-Okokuchi-cho that breaks away from the noise of the city and takes a rest.

■ Minamiogunimachi and the four seasons

And, if you are able to feel the beauty of the season's natural beauty directly, it would be in the case of South Minor Countries.

In spring, cherry blossoms in full bloom will color the trees pink. It is also at this time that wild vegetables are delicious.

In summer, the blue sky and the earth that are pierced are all green. The great prairie that extends to the hill of Oshido Stone is superb.

In autumn, the leaves are red and yellow. The beauty that you are enchanted just by looking at it.

A small country covered with white snow in winter. Morning and evening are often below freezing.
It is limited to warm hot spring after all that can warm such a cold from the core.

By the way, in the current period, burning is being done, and all around black.
This view is also unique to the Aso area. We are doing to protect the beautiful scenery of the meadow.

You can always enjoy it just because the attractive face changes every year.
Next, I will go to see Minamioguni-cho, where the green is over! I don't really want to go home. . (Voice of heart)

■ Conclusion

Thank you for reading so far!

"Does life in this small country end? ... Sacred ..."
When I thought so, I was already a nephew of Minamioguni-cho! I will definitely come again! !

In the article I wrote, it would be nice if you could be interested in Minami-Okokuchi.

And I can not thank everyone in Minami-Okokuchi-cho, who has been involved so far.

I'm really thankful to you!