You will surely fall in love. We introduce superb view hot spring of Aso, Okunigo that you want to enter many times! (※ Updating at any time)

■ Toyori-no-yu

It is located in the Oguni Town Kureita Onsenkyo next to Minami Oguni TownHoneymoon hot water"

I have been with my family and friends many times since I was a kid! For example, the hot spring here has 1 large public baths and 17 rooms with private private baths.

Other than the public baths, 1 time chartered 800 ~ 1,500 yen and the price is also very reasonable!

Money is just put into the machine installed beside the bath entrance ♪!

It is the most luxurious system と い う that every time a payment is made, the hot water from the source comes to the bath and the sinking hot water comes out

It is rumored that a spectacular view can be seen this timeBath"I was allowed to enter!"

At the moment when the hot spring door was opened, the scenery was such that you could hear the admiration saying, "Oh ...".

The day I went to interview is fine weather! The air was clear, and the old mountain looked really beautiful \ (^ ^) /

And, selling hot spring here is naturally self-jetting white blue hot water!

It is happy to be able to look at the superb view privately, alone, and reserved.

And the good cousin of Toruyu-no-Yu is not only hot spring.
When I enter a hot spring, I should not be hungry alone. .

please look! Do you understand this?

so! Foods that can be steamed and eaten by the steam of the hot spring!

This time, I bought the chopsticks and eggs that were at the reception desk, and I went to the steaming place immediately.

Looking at the front of the reception and looking to the right, the steam that rises with mokumoku. You will immediately know where the steaming place is.

Please tell the receptionist what time to steam, etc. and try now!

The finished ingredients were received at the eat-in corner ♪

Steamed with steam and rice cake are hot and sweet! The smell of eggs is also slightly sulfur! This is also delicious and delicious!

By the way, when steaming meat etc., it will take some time, so it will start to steam before entering the hot spring, and it will be about to go up from the hot spring! It seems that I can do something. Please ask the receptionist for steamed dishes. Please teach me very kindly ♪

Finally, if the timing is good, you may also meet the billboard cat Shilo-kun!

It was friendly and very cute (* ^^ *)!

In addition, business hours vary according to bath. As it is likely to be crowded from the afternoon, it is recommended that you want to go to the bath in the morning.

It is Toyorei-no-yu where you can enter leisurely hot spring without worrying about anyone's eyes anytime. Please feel free to drop by all means ♪

[Basic information] Hotaru no Yu
Address: Aso-gun Ogunimachi Nishizato XNUM X
Telephone number: 0967-46-5525
Business hours: XNUM X hours
(Large public bath and bath: morning 8-afternoon 7 / rock bath: open 24 hours)
Price: 500 to 1,500 yen
Closed: Required confirmation

We will tell you again soon if you discover the superb view outdoor bath \ (^ ^) /!
The sequel is also fun!

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