First landing in Kyushu! It is born in sacred place Aso of a motorcycle. News of the third store "Kushitani cafe Aso store" opening nationwide!

Hello! I can not ride on a large bike, but it is Country Girl Kaji-chan that can ride a little on agricultural machines.

I'm sorry for the greetings. . First of all, please watch this video! (Created by 2018)

Even just looking at the video, you will be fascinated by the vast nature ~. I feel absolutely good if I run on a motorcycle ... I think I can only ride on the moped.

By the way, in the specialized bike magazine "BikeJIN" released this month, rankings like the following!

How! Connect Oita with Kumamoto in the national 50 areaYamanami HighwayIs the 1! ! In addition, Aso ranks 5 locations in TOP3! ! !

To my delight, Aso is nowBike shrineAs "", it has become a longing place among bikers in the country.

And, in the middle of Minami-Okokuchi-cho, which is in the middle of the Yamanami Highway, which won the 1 this time,Kusitani Cafe New Opening!!!

Here are some of the places for bikers to relax and gather in the holy places of bikers!

■ With Kushitani cafe

What is Kushitani Cafe? A brief explanation.

★ Kushitani Cafe
“Kushitani” is a motorcycle apparel brand that deals with motorcycles and other items that have reached 70.

Such a long-established bike supply store Kushitani "Kushitani cafe" is operated with the thought that "the rider who rides the bike while always nervous about everything, feel relieved."

The cafe menu using the ingredients of choice is the quality only because it is a genuine minded Kushitani.Moto x CafeWorldProvide a stylish and high-quality space.

…I see! It seems like a high-quality cafe for bikers run by a motorcycle supplies store!

In the whole country, the "NEOPASA Shimizu store" located on the SA of the New Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture and the 3 store second only to the "Station Terrace store" on the roadside station in Nara are my own in Minamioguni-cho \ ) /

That's why I asked you immediately!

The Kushitani cafe is located on the site of the largest drive-in "Sanai Rest House" along the Yamanami Highway connecting Oita and Kumamoto mentioned above.

As well as Kumamoto's souvenirs, there are also classic souvenirs from all over Kyushu, and a rich assortment of about 1,000 items! ! ! On many days, 1, 2,000 tourists can come and go.

Looking at the entrance of such Sanai Rest House in front, you can see Kushitani cafe as you move to the right side.

A relaxing terrace seat and a spacious bike parking space in front of it. If the weather is fine, it is good to see the bike here and bloom flowers on the bike.

Once inside the store, a bike will meet you at once. The store is very spacious!

There is also a clear aisle, and even with a helmet and a little luggage, it's likely not to hit you.

By the way, SNS bright logo is also on the left immediately after entering the store.

Order at the counter! The staff will greet you with a smile (* ^^ *)

Not only the entrance but also a big bike in front of the counter! If you examine it, it is a motorcycle of the vehicle type of HONDA CB1000R and so on! There must be a reason to put this bike here, but I don't know anything about bikes, I'm just cuckoo! ! ! I just thought. If anyone knows why, please let me know! !

By the way, here also, it seems OK to take a photo shoot across the bridge! (I give up my feet and give up ...)

And in the back of the shop there are a lot of racing suits from previous generations

Sofa seat in front of it! I feel like I'm extravagant.

In the center seat, the one with a sign on the used one of the "bank sensor" on the knee of the racing suit, which was decorated just before, is included.

Some of the store also had coffee beans and some small items sold \ (^^) /

This is the "Pompon-mochi" made by roasting craftsmen in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the headquarters of Kushitani is located. We purchase the best-made beans of the year with a focus on Guatemala and sell those roasted in Hamamatsu.

And, the tumbler which is convenient for carrying around which the mark of the cafe is contained,

Simple design, easy to use for men and women, and a choice of bag sizes

Cups made of the same titanium material as the bike parts etc ... Many products that have not been fully introduced! Please check the store at the end ♪

As a cafe, of course, it is nice point that you can also buy souvenirs etc. ~.

Continued, wait a whileRecommended cafe menuI will introduce you.

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