| Notice | Pesticide-free, non-caffeine safe and secure. Satisfied both heart and body "Brown rice coffee soft cream" is newly released!

Hello! Last summer "1 soft cream dailyIt is Takaji-chan who is holding the slogan!

Soft cream melts, so I think it's really serious and has zero calories. I want to eat a lot this year too.

Now! Such soft cream favorite artist Kaji-chan, to introduce today, is a general product center in Minami-Okoku-cho Kiyorakaasa, which will start selling from tomorrow! ! !

★ Brown rice coffee soft cream (380 yen)
On a large day, topped with brown rice coffee with the popular soft cream that sells about 250 bottles a day! In rich sweetness, taste that bitterness of brown rice and flavor of coffee become peculiar!

After I shot this soft cream, I received it as it is, but it was so delicious that I planned to let it be eaten one more time by purposely erasing the data of the photograph on purpose of so much deliciousness \ (^ ^) /!

Why is it so delicious ...Because it is not just brown rice coffee!!!

A little bit of secret of the taste is introduced.

■ Various types of brown rice coffee

Topped brown rice coffee is actually being sold for 350 yen as a powder for drinking coffee at the product center Kiyorakaasa. (It is in the local sweets corner!)

Umeki-san, who has been making pesticide-free vegetables for more than 30 years, is making rice, which is the raw material for this coffee.

This time, it was made with delicious water from Minami-Okokuchi and no pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides.Kiyora rice (variety: Akigeshiki)"use.

Even though it is very time-consuming, the rice made for the health and smile of people who eat it is a good item.

From the thought that I want such rice with a commitment to more people, easily, and in various shapes and for hands ... I made a product development in collaboration with Mr. Okino, who is a regional revitalizing cooperative team in Minami-Okokumachi. .

After repeating trial and error, you can eat rice that is delicious as it is, and then put it on a XNUM X hour roaster and roast it slowly and carefully.Brown rice bran"

It is a non-caffeine-friendly taste that you would like to drink for those who are not good at coffee. The name is "Coffee", but only brown rice is used, so it's a coffee-like drink right! !

The fragrant aroma of two good cousins ​​like coffee like brown rice is healed. Slight coffee, gentle bittersweetness. Aftertaste is refreshing and really easy to drink!

By the way! Besides brown rice coffee, there are two more!

★ Brown rice brown rice (350 yen)
We can do it because we do not use pesticidesWith a mirrorBrown rice tea. Normally green tea and green tea contained in brown rice are not used, and only brown rice is roasted for more than 10 time, so the original taste of brown rice comes out firmly. The raw material is only brown rice, so of course it is non-caffeine.

★ Tea of ​​rice bran (350 yen)
Tea made with rice bran used to make sweet sake and so on! Please adjust the amount of sweet potato with sweet taste and sweet taste of sweet potato, and enjoy the change of sweetness.

All products are made with Uyoki-san's Kiyora rice, so you can enjoy it safely!

By all means please buy all kinds as souvenirs, and try drinking and comparison \ (^ ^) /

■ Conclusion

Even a delicious and very popular soft cream, a luxury product that will be topped with brown rice coffee.

I can not but eat this. .

And! Limited for 3 days of May 3-5 during the coming Golden Week! Monaca made with rice flour comes with a price deferment!

(This cute monaca is the name "Edamame Uncle". LOL)

You can eat it with soft cream, or just eat it. Even with the passage of time, there is still a sense of crispness!

Also, because this soft cream is offered only in cups, it is okay if you melt it a little bit if you don't eat it! Please enjoy the best match taste of soft cream and brown rice.

We look forward to your visit!

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