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If Aso Aso, I'm also here! Local people recommended spot X NUMX selection of Aso area!

Hello. It is Molinaga of SMO south small country. I like the Aso area too much, and I live in Minami-Okokuchi-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, and have reached the 5 year.

Speaking of Aso,
The scenery like this,

Crater of Mt. Aso,

I think that there are more people who envision a spa town.

Of course, there are plenty of such so-called sightseeing spots and exquisite scenery, it is one of the big attractions of the Aso area. However, there are many other wonderful things when you live.

Such, I recommend that I live in the local, I will introduce a place you want to stop by all means when you come to Aso.

Take vegetables and eggs! Steaming place

Speaking of Oguni Township is geothermal. Among them, steamed dishes steamed with hot spring hot-spring steam are famous.

A steamed chicken of a white-grown shop in a place where you can enter a bathtub. Since 1 feathers are steamed, it is smooth if you book in advance.

Although it is not known much compared with the watermelon hot spring, steaming place of Shikasen hot spring is easy to go and is used personally frequently.

Eggs etc can also be steamed deliciously, but I personally think that it is delicious to eat steamed steamed leaves such as spinach and chingen vegetables.

Since the materials for steaming near Steaka Onsen and Wataru Onsen are not sold, we recommend that you buy it at a nearby supermarket when you go to the steaming place by all means.

Fortune three companies visit

Tour of the three companies in Fukuno in Oguni-machi where you can enjoy a small city walk. If you visit three places of Mirakoguchi, Zelkova water source, and Oguni Shrine and press a stamp, you will receive money for money. Kodama liquor store at the start point of the three companies visiting Fukuna. You can get a mount that pushes the stamp here.

Budget money is like this. When the wish is fulfilled, let's return.

Kagakuike. Water is beautiful.

Zelkova source. The river is near and feels good in the shade of Zelkova!

And small country two shrines. It is splendid.

It is also the center of Oguni Town and it is fun just to visit normal, but please come and enjoy the walking of the small town while visiting by all means.

Kodama liquor store
Address: Miyahara Oguni-machi, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 1685
Phone: 0967-46-2003

camu camellia

It's cloudy, but this superb view, is not it great? What? Actually, here is "beauty salon". I always cut my hair here except when cutting by myself.

This is what it's like inside the store.

You can haircut while watching the superb view. Feels good!

Pony too!

camu camellia
Address: Nishigori Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 2052-83

Yamakawa Bunko

A bookstand to share with everyone at Yamakawa Onsen in Oguni Town. Along with unmanned selling of vegetables, various books brought by various people are placed.
If there is a book that becomes a tree, take home OK, and return it when you finish reading. It is a nice place.

Okunoin (near Kurokawa Onsen)

Kurokawa Onsen Fudo monster lies in the hinterland of a small valley near the town. Waterfall is also a secret place in nature where you can see. Even in the daytime it is in the shade, in a somewhat dimly lit thing like a variety of sundries on the approach road, it is a nice place to express with words. There are places where the scaffolding is a bit bad, so it seems better to visit on a sunny day and in the evening than in the evening, around the day from morning.

Old JNR Miyahara line Promenade

A promenade where you can walk along the railway site that became a waste line. I am excited when entering the tunnel.

I am glad about being able to turn on electricity on my own. Let's clear it properly if you pass the tunnel.

There is a bridge of such bamboo muscle concrete, etc. There are places where there are places to see.

For details, please click here and I'm pleased.

Rice field kayak

# Rice field kayak

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New activity in Minamiaso village. You can enjoy the kayaking experience with a rice paddy with water. Kayaking with the country scenery while looking at the superb view. Although it is surrey, it is wonderful!

Aso food

I love too much and have at least 1 times in weeks Aso food lunch box lunch. It goes through quite frequently, but since it meets the same people with considerable frequency, it is a famous shop that seems to be quite abundant.

There is also an eat-in space in the store, you can order and eat it.

Although it is a mystery rule, if you eat inside the store, miso soup comes along. Sometimes, it is clams, juice, cold.

The first person may be hard to enter, but it is a shop worth having the courage to enter.

Aso Soda Food Bypass Store
Kamamoto Prefecture Aso City Uchidaki 1197-6
Phone: 0967-32-0268

Clyde dining hall

A cafeteria of Oguni-machi where people to know know.

The most popular is this Koteri and Champon. The volume is also amazing.

And, fried rice. Are not you going to eat rice with this side dish? I think it is a rich taste.

I want to eat Gatsuri! Who said you say, come on!

Clyde dining hall
Address: Miyahara Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Phone: 0967-46-2539

Sanbanzan water fish garden

Yamame cuisine specialty store cultivated in the clear stream of Yamabuki water source of one hundred Kumamoto name water. You can taste fresh squirts of Yamame, grilled salt, fried chicken and so on. I am sorry that there is no picture, but I am building on the fish-fish pond that cultivates the Yamame. Yamame set meal which can taste Yamame in various ways of eating is recommended.

Sanbanzan water fish garden
Address: Kusumoto Prefecture Aso Gunsan Mountain Village Yamaama 2236
TEL: 0967-25-2069

What did you think? What? There are still plenty of unknown spots in the Aso area! I will continue exploring the Aso area!