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West Japan's first landing! A new sense of activity running around Mother Nature! Introduction of thrilling "adventure track".

Hello! It's Kaji-chan!

I intend to express Aso's "A". Lol

Do you enjoy Golden Week of super large holidays?

The vacation is too long and the play news has already run out ... Good news for you who is having such trouble! ! !

On the first day of the first year of Riwa, in Aso, the only activity in Aso first lands in West Japan! !

I have to go this! ! ! With that, we went to experience immediately!

■ The way to the activity

It takes about 1 hour by car from the general product center Kiyorakaasa of Minamioguni-cho.

From National Highway 212, where you can enjoy the Great Peak, to National Highway 57. Then enter the Aso panorama line!

Speaking of Aso! Grazing cows and horses

While enjoying the scenery of vast nature such as Yonezuka

When we go through Kusachirigagahama

A large space like this is on the left side of the Aso Nakadake crater entrance!

This climbing flag and the bus stop are marked!

In front of Aso Nakadake crater entranceOrThe middle of Kusatsurigagahama to Nakadake craterI think that it is good to have them remember (* ^ ^ *)!

■ New activities in West Japan's first landing!

I will introduce you! ! This is the first landing activity in West JapanAdventure track"!
You will be returned to a child in an instant, just looking and dancing form! A brief introduction to any vehicle.

Name: TINGER (Tinger)
All-terrain compatible vehicles from Russia. At first glance it looks ridiculous, but because it disperses the weight with caterpillar, there is only 1g pressure per 80 cm, and it is actually a grass-friendly vehicle. It is possible to ride in the rocky area, sand, snow and water! It is being adjusted so that it can be used at disaster sites etc. in the future.

First of all, from the reception. The staff are in the tent, so please speak!

I will explain the course and so on what kind of vehicle, so let's listen carefully!

By the way, the menu you can experience is here.

As you can choose option, by all means!

Write a written consent form well, and let's finish accounting here! Now you are ready for the experience!

There is also a pamphlet at the reception desk, so it may be good to go back to one piece when you want to recommend it to others ♪

Well, next time we will get on! I've been working on my body, I'm Kaji-chan. Lol

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