| Notices | XNUM X Mon X NUM X Day (Sat) and X NUM X Day (Sun) XNUM X Days Limited! We hold "local revitalization cooperation corps city" of Minamioguni-cho in Kyirakaasa!

Hello! It is Koji of SMO south small country editor in chief!

After a long long holiday, 2 weeks are about to pass, how are you all doing?

I was a little tired ~, I would like to go out for a change ~ ~, If you think that is a must see! !

The event will be held at Kiyora Kasah by the regional revitalization team of Minami-Okokuchi-cho, for the coming XNUM X-Month on XNUM X-Month (Saturday) and XNUM X-Day (Sun)!

■ Fried! Saku fluffy! South small domestic vegetable tempura!

Ku ~ ... looks delicious ... Are you hungry just looking? Asparagus grown in the land of the southern small country where the temperature difference is intense is characterized by a strong sweetness and softness!
When I ate this tempura for the first time when I was born in a snack in Minami-Okuni-cho, I was shocked by the taste and I clearly remember that I had eaten up to the minutes when I realized it. That's how delicious it is! ! !

And if you have come to a Soba Shop in the South Minor Country, I think you have at least once eaten. In meKING OF TempuraBut "Maiko Tempura"!
Why is it so addictive? After all, the taste of maiko is unbearable. I like to eat with green tea salt. (Because the photo is from the soba shop, it is different from the one we sell this time)

In fact, only in two places, here in Minami-Okunimachi and Nagasaki's Shimabara, that the production system has been established in the Kyushu region!

Inoculate the seed bed of Maiko to the fungus bed made of Oguni cedar's sawdust, okara and wheat bran-Southern small domestic Maiko that was carefully grown over about 2 months. It has a strong pre-rip, a deep-fried texture that feels like eating meat, a strong aroma, and it fits perfectly with the best beer in any case! ! (Kaji-chan investigation)

The strongest collaboration of such tempura of asparagus and tempura of MaikoXNUM X Cup X NUM X YenSold at
XNUM X Day Limited XNUM X Food! !It is expected to be sold out, so please come early.

■ Door plate making experience using small country cedar

Oguni cedar grows quickly because it has been well maintained such as thinning and pruning!

And, as with Maiko, it is unique to Okunigo, where the difference in temperature is fierce! It is a strong, easy-to-use cedar filled with wood grain.

Cute door plate making using such a small country cedar that is also used in Kumamoto Airport and Kyushu National MuseumOne coin XNUM X yenYou can do it!

This is the only material used. Even small children, very easy ~ ♪!

Not only characters, but also many cute parts such as hearts (* ^^ *)

I made a plate with my favorite laugh artist's combination name! Lol

Not only the door, but cute wherever you decorate! ! This is one coin ... I can not do it!

Come to make memories of your children! Please experience it \ (^ ^) /

■ Conclusion

We received comments from the members of the regional revitalization team who are the organizers of this event!

Hello everyone! We will use Asparagus and Maiko from Minamikokoku for two days tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and offer freshly fried and delicious tempura! In addition, I think that you can feel free to make the door plate making enjoyable by parents and children using the special product Kokonsugi. Please come by all means (* ^^ *)!

The details of regional revitalization cooperation corps city are as follows!

【Date】 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat), X NUM X Day
【Time】 AM 10 to PM 3 (※ will end as soon as it disappears)
[Products] Asparagus ・ Maiko Tempura 1 Cup 350 yen / door plate making 500 yen
[Inquiry] 0967-42-1114 (Minami-Okokuchi Town Hall, Agriculture and Forestry Division)
[Place] Comprehensive product building Kiyorakaasa (Minami-Okorimachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture 1789-1)

We look forward to your coming \ (^ ^) /!