The season has arrived when the early summer tradition "Firefly" dances.From Aso Minamioguni classics to hot spots!XNUMX Recommended Spots for Firefly Viewing

In Minamioguni Town, fireflies start dancing from the end of May every year, and the best time to see them is around the beginning of July.

Introducing recommended spots for "firefly viewing" unique to Minamioguni Town where beautiful water flows.
This is a must-see for those who plan to stay at a ryokan, or for those who want to take their time watching fireflies, which are rarely seen in the city.

●1.Feel free to stop by!Minamioguni town center"Yatsuda Area"
●2.Enjoy with the original scenery of Japan"Tanohara area"
●3.hidden viewing spot"Manganji area"

●1.Yatsuda area

Yatsuda (Yatsuda) area along the Shikase River, which is also the center of town.

When you want to enjoy it while walking leisurely, it is recommended to park your car at the "Minamioguni Town Office" or "Bussankan Kiyora Kaasa" surrounded by red circles!

The area where fireflies can be seen isFrom National Route 212 to Ipponchu Road.If you come from the direction of Aso, if you see this temple on the way to the direction of OguniTurn rightis🚗

The flat road continues straight all the way, so it's perfect for a walk🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

The area along the river around here is recommended ☝✨

If you park your car at Kiyora Kaasa or Minamioguni Town Hall and go around it, I think you can enjoy it in an hour 😊

It's relatively central to the town, so it's a standard spot where you can casually stop by!Please stop by on your way home from somewhere.

●2.Tanohara area

A hot spring area next to Kurokawa Onsen.Opened in the Kamakura period and prospered as a hot spring resort in the Edo period, the Tanohara area is now a small hot spring town with four inns.

This spot is so popular that a firefly viewing tour is held every year. !

Take National Route 442 towards Kurokawa/Oita, and if you see the bus stop of Bypass Tanohara, which has a characteristic thatched roof, on the way.Turn leftis🚗

Proceed about 100m from there, and you'll soon come to a small side road on your left hand side, so take a sharp curve.

The area along the Hara River in this field is recommended ☝✨

By the way, if you stay at "Ryokan Yunosako" in Tanohara, the owner of the ryokan will give you a special tour🙌✨

When you stay at Tanohara Onsen, please take a walk.

●3.Manganji area

The Manganji area is famous for having the most embarrassing open-air bath in Japan, Kawayu.

About 5 minutes by car from the center of Minamioguni town.If you keep going straight on Prefectural Route 40, you will come to the Manganji bus stop with a thatched roof.Go straightI will 🚗

The red circle on the map is a public parking lot in the Manganji area, and there is a large sign at the entrance so you can reach it without hesitation🪧

1 minute walk from this public parking lot to the area where fireflies often appear!With your back to the parking lot, turn left and head toward a small bridge, as if you were returning the way you came by car.

This is a hidden firefly viewing spot that people in Minamioguni Town don't know much about.

■ Conclusion

The area introduced this time is just the area where general residents live in everywhere.
The fireflies will be surprised when you watch them, so please do not make any noise and be quiet... Enjoy a night with a Japanese atmosphere 😌

In addition, there are few streetlights around the viewing spots, and there are many places where there are no guardrails between the river and the road, so it is recommended that you bring a small light to illuminate your feet.

We are looking forward to seeing you all 🙌✨

*Please refrain from nuisances such as parking on the street when viewing.
*Because there are places where the footing is bad, such as along the river, please come with comfortable shoes and be careful not to get injured.